You should Learn To React to Everything

Learn To React To EverythingEveryone should learn to react to everything for a better life. There are situations where we put a lot of our energy where it is not needed. It is not the situation that is bothering you. It is the consequences that will come from the situation that keep on haunting you.

This is the moment where our patience is tested. Nothing holds that much importance to getting worried and stressed about it. You have to choose wisely which things are worth worrying about or taking care of. 

emotions are complex

Reaction is something that is the flow of your emotions. We react to things that bother us. These might be happy situations, sad or mysterious. But in a few instances we reacted more than was needed at the time.

This is when the problem starts. Our emotions are complex sometimes, even we become confused about why we reacted that way at that time. But, there is no clear answer for this because reactions are made sometimes because of the biological reactions, sometimes our mental processes.


Anger is an outburst of emotions. But, it is not always required in every situation. Anger issues are very difficult to understand. Neither are you aware of why one specific thing makes you angry nor why the minor thing made other person angry.

That is the point where you have to understand other’s situation. Get your thinking out of the box and try to think from other’s point of view. If someone reacted aggressively to something but, he is not an aggressive person then there is definitely something that is bothering him.

Here is your time to understand him and even try to solve what is bothering him. We spend a huge part of life reacting to the things that are done by others. Almost 50 percent of our decisions come as a reaction to others. We even disturb our mental and physical health by reacting to things that are not of much importance.

Learn to respond

Here you have to learn to stop, calm down and then respond. Learn to respond, not react. Reacting immediately after the incident is not always needed. For instance, your best friend misplaced your favorite diary.

Now how are you going to react? What is the safest and most sensible thing to do at this point? Bursting out, aggressiveness, anger is not always the answer. Is your diary more important to you than your friend? Can you afford to lose your best friend over this trivial matter? Will you be satisfied after this?

The answer to all these questions is a clear NO because that diary could not give you the comfort that your friend could. You could not talk to your diary for hours about your problems. But, with your best friend you can do all these things. So, think for a moment about which thing holds more importance in your life.


There is a 100 percent chance that you might mess up things just by reacting to tiny things. Here you need to be mindful, deal with the situation with maturity and here you go! There’s obviously not a lot to do. Learn to give time to others and to yourself as well. This is what can save you from future sufferings.

Expressing your feelings is not bad but, it is not always needed. Sometimes acting carefully, considering circumstances and prioritizing is what we need to do. We hope after reading this article you will be able to learn to react to everything.

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