workout plan for women’s weight loss

workout plan for women's weight lossQuite a few women believe that weight loss for them is in some way different than losing weight for males. Now, I hope that if I destroy your world view, it can be for the better rather than for the worse. However, the following is the nasty little secret: weight loss rules especially for women of all ages are a hoax! When it comes to how weight is stored and how energy is used, you can find virtually no difference between men and women. In this article you will find the best workout plan for women’s weight loss.

Now, if you’re carrying a new child inside your body, or dealing with that time of the month, issues may be a little different. However, this does not change what you ought to be undertaking to lose excess weight in any way, shape or form. Within this simple post I am going to outline the way you need to prioritize your time and effort to obtain the greatest bang for your buck, whether or not you are female.

A workout plan for women’s weight loss is the same as compared to male workout plans.

Eat Several Times A Day

Eating six or seven times daily may well be the most effective non-exercise thing that you can do. Make sure you ingest protein with each meal and also eat every two to three hours. This is a secret that all bodybuilders know, and now you know it too. This keeps the metabolic rate heightened the whole day and also allows you to burn additional calories passively.

Lift Weights

The next biggest thing that you can do is to lift weights. Lift large weights using complex movements (military press instead of a triceps extension, deadlift as an alternative to the leg press, etc.) and with as much weight on the bar that you are able to manage for 3 to five reps. Ladies, absolutely no pink weights. My four year old niece works with pink dumbbells because they are toys, and can not count as weight training.

Perform Workouts In Intervals

Following weight training, doing intervals can be quite effective. Should you find a way to put in four lifting sessions each week as well as a few interval training sessions on your non-lifting days, then you can toss in a bit of steady state cardiovascular exercise…then and only then?

You will be throwing away your time by jogging unless you happen to be extremely overweight – then you definitely should be strolling as much as you are able, instead of jogging. This just isn’t good for the joints belonging to the very obese.

Do not forget that your gender has nothing to do with your efforts to lose excess fat. Working hard in the right way makes or breaks your weight loss. I have provided the most effective ways to make use of your time and effort. Now it is up to you to make the decision if you want to receive the biggest bang for your buck, or continue throwing away your time doing crunches and the slow speed treadmill.

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