Women Empowerment: Nations cannot be built without it

women empowerment

God has created a woman with inborn strength, but she often underestimates her powers in this male dominated society. Society has always been male dominated since ancient times but we do have examples of different arising women. Like Hazrat Khadeeja, Fatima Jinnah, Benazir Bhutto, Indira Gandhi, Mother Tressa etc. They have really set an unbeatable level of women’s strength. I don’t rebel the idea of male dominance, but we often take it as a right of a man to suppress a woman. Men got this dominant place to bring up a girl as a father to protect a woman as a brother and to stand up for her women as a husband. Why are people afraid of women empowerment?

I will talk about the woman who’s mentally entangled in the web of slavery. They should be aware of their rights, but it will not happen overnight it should be practiced since their childhood.

Women still face torture

Today when I look around I see many women who are physically and verbally tortured but the most disastrous type of this torture is where they get mentally abused.

Take a survey and ask any woman from your surrounding if she might be happy having an ideal life, but somewhere her decision making power might have been suppressed. Some would bluntly talk about their miseries and the most pitiful type of woman would be that who wouldn’t even acknowledged regarding her miseries she might be spending her life with and believe in the theory of giving up her own self to please her family. This is what is taught to a girl as she embarks on the journey of her adulthood.

Personal growth and self-awareness

“Personal power is based on strength, confidence, and competence that individuals gradually acquire in the course of their development,” said Dr. Firestone.

Personal growth isn’t only necessary for only a woman. Every individual must plunge into the river of self-awareness and search oneself like a pearl lying in a shell.

Searching for ourselves may sound selfish, but this really is an unselfish thing we could ever do as this would be the root of our failure and success in every aspect of our life.

Sometimes we think of putting all of our wishes aside, we can run our married life perfectly but that really isn’t true. Compromising and sacrificing are really two different things. If we’re not happy with what we’re doing then how can we make others happy if we are not accepting ourselves in every way? To entertain others, we first learn to entertain ourselves.

An unhappy woman can’t generate a happy and contented family. So this journey is surely the one everyone should embark on. This might take time we might break down or shed off the layers that really didn’t have to do with daily routine yet it involves building up and recognition of ourselves. The key to happiness for any society is women empowerment.

women empowerment

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Self-evaluations pinpoint our areas of strength. So we can focus on weakness in order to survive as a person. Don’t think about what others say about you in this regard. We are living in a society in which a woman can run a family. She can raise children as a single mother. Or somewhere she can spend her last penny for the sake of her parents.

Confidence and courage

I believe a woman is wild in her own way. She doesn’t have to hide behind her husband’s back. And must learn to rescue herself from negativity. She must avoid playing the role of victim and must deal with and face the world with confidence and courage. Nations cannot be built without women’s empowerment.

“One by one she slew her fears, and then planted a flower garden over their graves.”― John Mark Green

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Arooj Wasiq
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