Why Do We Get Fat? The science behind being overweight

how do we get fatThe common question in our minds is why do we get fat? Actually your body wants energy to perform functions. Every process in your body requires some kind of gasoline to power it. Food is the only source of energy for your body.

 If you have no food, then you have no energy source. And without an energy source, your tissues break down quickly. As a result of that your organs and body process will shut down, and you’ll die. Food provides that energy in the form of calories. Every calorie provides nutrients that your body uses to help its systems and organs work.

Unfortunately, our bodies don’t know there’s food at every corner nowadays, so they keep that fat anyway—and keep it and keep it and keep it—unless we can find a way to burn it off.

Your body takes those nutrients, converts all excess into glucose, and uses it to power all of your body’s functions.

When you take nutrients that aren’t used for fuel or for building tissue right now (or that aren’t discarded through poop, and so on), your body stores them as fat—an evolutionary mechanism designed to make sure you survive in case you run out of food later on.

In other words, when you eat an excess of nutrients, you store that excess as fat.

You rarely change the number of fat cells you have. You mostly make your current fat cells grow or shrink.

Belly Fat: The worst one

Fat that is stored in your belly is toxic to organs for two reasons:

1. Location: it pumps bad compounds into neighboring organs like thigh fat.

2. Fat in your belly pumps compounds that cause inflammation in the rest of your body.

Obesity Contribution

Eating certain fats as an energy source is fine. Storing too much by eating in excess-whether fat, sugar, or protein—messes with the chemical processes in you.

Diseases Related to Belly and Obesity

That extra fat disturbs hormonal processes, increases resistance to insulin that contributes to diabetes, and promotes inflammation leading to blood flow issues, arterial aging, arthritis, and cancer.

Do some Exercise

You can get rid of extra weight by eating a proper diet so you don’t continue to add to your stores, and by burning it off through moving more.

Why Do We Get Fat? Conclusion

  • We definitely need an energy source for organs to function.
  • You must have a proper diet, with no excess calories.
  • Avoid too many sugary foods.
  • You must have to perform some exercise to balance the excess food you stored.

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