What is racism: Especially in Big Countries

what is racismRacism has been described as “A designation of a particular category of people based on uncontrollable factors such as ethnicity, race, and physical features. It is not new that prejudice exists in various areas. It’s hard for people to embrace other races and to grant them equal rights. Since the start, this problem has not been resolved.

Racism: The Most Controversial Topic

In many cultures and nations, color discrimination and racial inequality are considered controversial topics. To get a society free of racial discrimination and where no one is judged based on race, people are always searching for the right ways to figure out what can be done. The need for the hour is equality for all and that is not possible until a suitable solution to this bigotry has been found.

Again, this corona outbreak was raised in America the sexism and prejudice of inequality. Black individuals are not given high-paying jobs in the US. It has been recorded that black candidates are ignored in front of white candidates in reputed organizations and jobs.

Racism Produces Poverty

The poverty rate among African Americans is increased by this lower revenue. Corona-virus epidemic health insurance given to African Americans was twice as poor to whites at the difficult time of the pandemic. In terms of income, wages, insurance, and health problems, this whole situation made the corona pandemic more critical and harsh on colored people than white people. One of these major problems is racism. The Black man is still viewed as a cannibal, an uncultured, and an evil being.

Several racism-related issues and controversies have been discussed in America. The events people have witnessed with their own eyes have been recorded by several individuals. In colleges, work, and highways, black women are abused by black students, and even local men are intimidated and disrespected.

Recently, an issue of a 46 years old man George Floyd has been revolving around the media, who was arrested by police and later died. People have come out on the roads and protested for justice. They believe that he was treated this way just because he was not native or white. As a result of which those policemen were fired from their posts and it calmed down the public as the steps were taken against this mistreatment and cruelty.

This Discrimination Should Be Stopped

It is very difficult to say when this discrimination will end. Black people are not considered human and treated like a mess. No doubt that the world has been progressing and the mindset of people is changing and widening. Still, there is a long way to go to put a complete full stop to these differences.

It’s been years that black people are struggling for their lives in different countries but they are still considered inferior on the basis of their race and culture. With the passing days it is believed that people are taking steps forward to accept black people as their citizens.

Social media is also playing an important role in spreading peace and justice. A hashtags like #blacklifematters were revolving everywhere a few days ago. So things are in a way to settle but still huge steps and changes are needed to make it normal and easy.

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