Weight Loss: Everything You Should Know About

The process of weight loss is simple yet very complex. It varies from person to person. There is not a single way that can help everyone to lose weight.

It depends on the capacity of the body, ratio of muscles, metabolism and duration required for a specific person. First of all, you have to find out what way suits you the best and then just stick to it for a long period of time.

Weight loss is a slow process. It is not possible to shed 10 kg or 15 kg in ten days, not even 15 days. If you do so, then you are definitely doing it wrong.

If you lose excessive weight in a very short period then there is a 100 percent chance that you will gain back that weight shortly. Because there is no shortcut to it. Lose your weight in a way that you can continue in future.

Things You Are Doing Wrong for Weight Loss

Weight loss is not a very simple process. The thing you think is helping you is not always helping you the way you see it. So, there are few things that you must avoid doing.

1. Starving Yourself

Forcing yourself to starve and stay hungry for long hours is not a very smart thing to do. It never makes you lose a healthy weight but, you start losing your muscles and look skinny and older than your age.

Many people think that if they do not eat anything they will become smart but that is not true. You have to feed yourself to stay alive and you cannot spend your whole life starving.

Starving can slow down your metabolism and then, when you start eating you start gaining weight like crazy. This is not what you want to do. So, never suppress your hunger and never starve yourself. It is not helpful at all.

2. Drinking Lemon Water On An Empty Stomach

It is a very famous method of losing weight on which many believe and rely blindly. But think for once about having something rich in acid first thing in the morning safe? Maybe it works wonders for specific people but not for everyone.

It can cause acidity to someone, it can affect your throat badly in very few cases it is also harmful for you veins, arteries and teeth. Instead of blindly following anything you must check or test it if it does not harm you then you can continue it.

If you are drinking lemon water in the morning and eating junk all day with zero physical activity then again it is of no use. Lemon water is not a guarantee of excessive and fast weight loss. In fact, nothing is.

3. Medicine For Weight Loss

There are lots of medications introduced that serve the purpose of weight loss and fat loss. It is just a myth. There is no medicine that can help you in shedding your fat in a few days. They are not going to do any good for you, but can definitely harm you in several ways.

  • Disturb your blood pressure
  • Make you lose your appetite
  • Makes you feel dizzy and sleepy all the time
  • Upset your stomach
  • Effect on your heart beat
  • Last but not the least, waste your time

4. Skipping Meals

We are supposed to eat at least three times a day. It is important for the mechanism of our body. It also helps to keep our metabolism working effectively.

The biggest mistake people make is leaving home without having breakfast. Breakfast does not mean that you have to eat something fancy but you can even have an apple, smoothie or anything simple and healthy you like.

It gives you energy to work all day and a healthy breakfast is a kick start of a healthy and productive day.

Skipping breakfast tends to make you feel hungry and you end up eating unnecessarily and munching uselessly. So, it is not a good idea to skip your meals, it will only leave you feeling hungry all the time.

5. Stressing Over Weight Loss

Weight loss is a slow process. You have to be patient and calm to do it wonders. When you start stressing over the fact that you are not losing weight immediately you will definitely become demotivated.

When you stress over it a lot there is an increased chance that you will leave it halfway and give up on the idea of losing weight.

These are the few mistakes or we can see myths that we have about weight loss. Skipping these things may not make you smart at once but, it will definitely help you to overcome the mistakes you are making and support your efforts of losing weight.

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  1. Do not follow any weight loss program without consulting a professional trainer.
  2. Avoid weight loss recipes that are circulated on the internet.
  3. Consult a professional nutritionist for your diet plan.
  4. Stop dieting it will not help, it will only weaken you.
  5. Be patient, you can’t lose weight overnight.

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