Tips for Measuring Physical Activity Levels

tips for measuring physical activityPhysical fitness and physical activities are interrelated. This means that the level of physical activity that an individual does is also closely related to his or her personal fitness level. An effective exercise program can help you increase your level of physical activity. We have found the best tips for measuring physical activity levels.

The podcast will focus on inactivity, and help you differentiate between physical activity and inactivity. It helps in screening physical fitness and also provides information with regard to screen results. It also helps in giving examples of different types of patients and the role of physical activity, which is important in the overall health of a person.

Here are some tips for measuring the intensity of physical activity; these are mainly classified into absolute intensity and relative intensity.

Relative Intensity

The level of effort, which is required for a person to perform physical activity, is called relative intensity. When you use relative intensity, people pay attention with regard to the physical activity that will affect their breathing and heart rate.

To measure relative intensity, the talk test is the simplest, and the best way. The thumb rule of moderate intensity activity is that you can talk, but you cannot sing during the process. When you are doing intense activity, you will not be in a position to say more words without holding your breath.

Absolute Intensity

The human body uses a heavy amount of energy every minute during such activities. Here is a table listing out the examples of activities, which are classified into vigorous intensity and moderate intensity, based upon the amount of energy used by the body while performing these activities.

Moderate Intensity

Here are some of the moderate intensity activities:

  • Ballroom dance
  • Gardening in a general way
  • Tennis which has to be Doubles
  • Aerobics underwater
  • Brisk walking (Should not be race walking)
  • Bicycling ridden at slower than 10 miles per hour

Vigorous Intensity

  • Tennis
  • Rope Jumping
  • Swimming
  • Running, Race walking, Jogging
  • Dancing at Aerobics
  • Gardening heavily
  • Bicycling ride faster than 10 miles per hour
  • Hill climbing with heavy pack

Other Methods Measuring Intensity

The major trick in using body scale fat to get the maximum benefit is that you have to use these devices with consistency. When you use these devices properly, you can get maximum measure of overall physical fitness from the programs. The following tips can help you:

  • Body fat scale should be used based on individual age like children or adults, physical activeness and other individual factors.
  • Consistency in performance is very important to secure your results. Also, the room temperature where the physical activity is performed or the device is located should be the same each and every day.
  • You have to ensure that you measure yourself every day at the same time.
  • Before you measure yourself at the same time, drink the same amount of water one hour before the activity or before you step on the device. 

But you should also ensure that you have to start the activity once to attend the actual measurement number, which was showing the previous day.

The body fat scales are just devices, but necessary action has to be taken by the individual properly

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