There is no shortcut to success

there is no shortcut to successWe have grown up listening to the most famous fable that is about “A Rabbit and a Tortoise”. The lesson we learned from this was that the turtle was slow but he never lost his hope and won. We know there is no shortcut to success but we don’t want to accept it. Then there is another fable about “The Hen that laid Golden eggs”. It’s master killed the hen to become rich at once but he even ended up losing the single egg it laid daily and the moral of the story was “Haste makes Waste”.


Nothing is going to happen at once


These fables were taught to us not only for pleasure but, for the lessons that nothing is easy to achieve in this world. First you have to give all your effort and secondly, you have to show patience. Nothing is going to happen at once.


One who waits, gets the best of everything”.


The more time you give to yourself, the more likely you are to get what you want. Give yourself time to evaluate, to define, to research and rest of the time to wait for the results. You may walk through a book store where you find books lie “Get Rich in one Year” and you rush to buy them. In these books the author may give you different ways in which you can earn more. But you don’t know how much time it will require you to work on it and how much time your plan will take to be executed and not even any idea that it will fail or pass.


there is no shortcut to success

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why are you always in a hurry?

Then there are some books, articles or blogs about weight loss. They assure you that you will lose weight in a very short period of time. But why do you always want to be in hurry ?  Isn’t it better to do it slowly and start changing your bad habits and developing new habits one by one? You don’t have to trigger yourself harshly always, give yourself the time you deserve and everything will be more accurate and good. The truth is that there is no shortcut to success. If you want to become rich, you have to go through each step one by one, if you want to lose weight, again you have to go through the whole process and you can’t shed 10 kg in one week.

Patience is key to success

Never underestimate Patience. Patience is not everyone’s cup of tea but, those who understand it’s importance endeavor everything. Patience gives us hope that we will get better results. People who can’t wait for things to happen lose their heart so easily. You have no idea how close your destination is, you just have to put your faith in your work. Sometimes people stop working and think that they are not going to get anything from it but, they do not know that they are just two or three steps away from their success. Patience is underrated. It is the key that helps you to never stop until you get what you want.

 “Take your most conservative estimate for the amount of time you need. Then double it. That’s your most realistic deadline.” –Software Development Maxim

Give your full effort

So taking time doesn’t mean that you are a loser. Running blindly behind something is not smart but watching every step very carefully is what matters. Take time to think about what you want and what you have to do for it. Making yourself stressed is not going to take you anywhere, it will just make you stuck in the same place. Give your full effort to it and wait for the results. Effort never goes unpaid.


The essence of this whole article is that achievement is not only based on the exertion but, setting deadlines according to the possible time you can give to it. Your accomplishments are only delayed and not canceled. Taking slow and small steps towards your goal is better than not even moving. We hope you are ready to accept ” there is no shortcut to success.

“Be Patient, Great things take time”.

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