The second wave of Covid 19 | Lockdown Again for safety

The Second Wave Of Covid 19The second wave of Covid 19 is much stronger than the first one. It has messed up with the minds and strengths of common people. It is believed that now this pandemic has gone from Pakistan and everyone started living their life normally as they were doing before the advent of this deadly virus. Schools, colleges, restaurants, and marriage halls started getting visited frequently. It was recorded that they were following the shops strictly in the beginning. But what happened after that is in front of everyone.

Lockdown Again Due To Covid 19

People think that this second lockdown is an outcome of the wrong decision taken by the government about the re-opening of schools and other institutes. There is a major need to realize that shops, markets, and malls are getting visited frequently by people. No one is paying attention to the crowd already present there. Shopping, hoteling, and outings are increasing day by day and are resulting in a speedy increase in cases of coronavirus.

Feel Your Responsibility

At first, this virus was introduced as a death sermon to the people. People were afraid that they started considering coved 19 as the second name of death. But with the passing time, this fear has been lost somewhere from people’s minds and now they are not paying much attention to this problem as much as it needs. Here the problem arises. Not taking anything seriously and not paying attention to it is not a solution to anything. Closing your eyes to all the destruction it is causing is just like deceiving you and keeping you away from the facts and reality. Roaming on the roads, visiting the markets, and dining out every day without any specific reason is what giving it rise.

Role Of Weather In Covid 19

Another major factor is the change of weather these days. This cold weather has made the majority ill with flu and sore throat. The conditions that were under control during the summer are now out of hand again. The increased number of deaths and positive cases has made it worse and the tension is real now. The government has announced the closing of institutes as a step to control the cases. Inhabitants are continuously told not to leave their houses and not become a part of huge crowds as it is a requirement to take the country back to the normal situation.

Alarming Situation Again

In June and July we saw a drastic number of patients and deaths that got limited after some time. But now the situation is the same again. The cooperation of people is an urgent need. Avoiding social gatherings, parties and various get together is important.

The government is keeping a proper check and balance on the shops so we will be able to fight again with this pandemic and cause it to end. It is not a play of few people but every single person needs to cooperate and do what is possible for them to do. Not stepping out of home is the least thing one can do. There is a hope that we will again cope with this situation. We will celebrate the re-opening of institutes in the mid of January. We should uderstand the second wave of covid 19 is more dangerous.

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