The pandemic is teaching us some lessons

The pandemic is teaching us some lessons

A pandemic is an outbreak of a disease that spreads over a worldwide geographic area and affects a large proportion of the population. The Pandemic Is Teaching Us Some Lessons, but the question comes into the mind are we really getting any lesson?

The World Is Facing The Worst Situation

The world is facing the worst situation that has never happened before. The tragedy triggered by Covid-19 has surrounded the world with the fear that has never been experienced before. It is a time to stop for a moment and think about what is the actual reason of this situation. Some people are afraid of the disease and the other are dying of poverty and hunger since there is no job for the laborers.

The main goal of the government is to break off the spread of this virus and provide security to the people. But where the security lies? It lies in the shrinking beggary, providing education, encouraging growth, peaceful environment and human rights. Today the weapons we have, the borders around our countries are of no use. The abundance spent on national security have not made people guarded.

Poverty And Unemployment

The rise in patients, the increasing number of deaths and the intensifying conditions of poverty has left everyone fretful. The hospitals are out of ventilators, doctors and masks. Everyone is paying a big price for their thoughtlessness. Even the rich countries have no solution for it and are facing economy crisis.

This situation is compelling people towards poverty. Now the world needs to become united and fight with this crisis. These borders are not protecting lives anymore, but their unity will. People are committing suicides because of unemployment, some are dying of hunger and others are in the grip of the disease. If all the borders gather and face the situation with bravery and unity, then no doubt this can be cured, the world can be cured.

 Socioeconomic Effects

We are also beginning to understand the possible socioeconomic effects of this pandemic: the World Bank cautioned that it could drive millions of people into crushing poverty this year. The department of labor estimates the average of about 2.9 million jobs to be lost.

The World Resources estimates that 1.3 million people are experiencing a hunger catastrophe or even worse, whereas another million are already on the brink of deprivation. Factors such as poverty rates, health efficiency, social security and access to the internet will reveal that how significant the impact of Covid-19 can be in all 189 economies.

People are losing their employment and wealth every other day without getting any accurate information about when this pandemic will over and normal life will return. There are many cities that are heavily dependent on tourism, have deserted hotels and abandoned shores.

The increase in the spread of Covid-19 is not only threatening the lives of people but, also disturbing the social and economic conditions of the world. All the countries are trying their best to provide better treatments to their patients. Developed countries are also facing the lack of hospitals, beds, nurses, ventilators and doctors.

Salute To The Paramedic Staffs

Medical workers have become overworked, nervous and financially vulnerable during Covid-19. But still, they work, plan, create, care for their families and others without being scared of the worst effects of this virus. Their courage, determination and selflessness are giving hope to the people that we will fight this situation and become able to fight this disease. What do you think? The Pandemic Is Teaching Us Some Lessons.


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  1. Well said Hifza srf garib tabqa or middle class family’s effect hoi hy nd nobody bothers it’s reality of our society so Jo krna hy khud krna hy. Very well done keep it up

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