Stomach Fat: The Most Effective Way To Reduce

stomach fatA common side effect of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle is the accumulation of fat around the waistline. Fat accumulation in this area of the body can be a problem, and stubborn to dispose of. But there are several simple strategies that we can employ to reduce our stomach fat and achieve a trimmer appearance.

Cut Down Alcohol Consumption

Do we regularly drink alcohol? If so, we should either cut down on our alcohol consumption, or completely eliminate it from our diet. Alcoholic beverages are high in calories and can promote weight gain even if we do not eat excessively. If we replace alcohol with plenty of fresh water, we will be surprised at how quickly we will achieve results in reducing stomach fat.

Perhaps we do not drink much alcohol, but do we drink other high calorie beverages? If we drink lots of soda, sweetened tea or coffee, or other high calorie drinks. We should try and replace as many of these as possible with water. We can reduce our calorie intake by hundreds by making this simple sacrifice alone.

Follow A Nutritious Whole Foods Diet

We now need to look at how much processed food we eat. Does our diet include lots of canned or pre-packaged foods? Most of these foods contain high levels of sugar, sodium, preservatives and chemicals, which can result in a slowing down of our metabolism which can lead to weight gain.

The best option for burning fat and reducing our waistline is to simply follow a nutritious whole food diet. When we stop eating processed foods our digestive system begins to function more efficiently. Our metabolism will run high and we will begin to shed that unwanted, excess weight.

Reduce Fried And Fast Food Intake – Reduce Stomach Fat

The next area we need to address is our fried and fast food intake. Fried foods and fast food usually have a high fat content, and not a heart healthy type of fat. We should avoid those unhealthy foods and replace them with healthy fat sources such as sardines, mackerel, salmon, avocados, olive oil, and nuts.

Fat is good for us provided we eat the right kinds of fat like polyunsaturated and monounsaturated. If we restrict our intake of saturated fats, we will immediately notice a significant improvement in the way we feel and how we look.

Exercise Will Help To Burn Stomach Fat

Finally, we have to consider how important exercise is in helping to lose weight from our stomach area as well as the rest of our body. However, if we have not addressed the issue of stored fat in our abdominal area, no matter how many crunches and sit-ups we do will have little or no effect.

This is why we need to implement dietary changes first to start burning excess stored fat. Once we have burned off the stored fat, abdominal exercises will help to give us that trim, lean, flat stomach. Aerobic exercises are effective for burning calories and disposing of stored fat. While resistance exercises like weight training, stomach crunches, and sit-ups are ideal for toning and firming.

Reducing, toning, and trimming our stomach may be challenging, and take a little time and patience. It will be worth the effort, not only to improve our appearance, but because of the improved health benefits too.

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