Reality is merely an illusion and the power of perception

Reality Is Merely An Illusion“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” – Albert Einstein

Life is not just what you are living. It is more than that. Life is about what you are learning from it. How do you see things, feel them, and apply them? Everyone’s life is different. We have different experiences and different lifestyles.

It happens that we start idealizing others’ lifestyles, we start admiring them and even wish that we were living that life. We have no idea what problems they have and if they are satisfied with their lives or not.  No one has everything and this is the bitter reality.

Admiring And Valuing Yourself

We can be happy and satisfied if we start admiring and valuing the things we have. You don’t like your 9 to 5 job. But out there, there is a person who is craving for the job, maybe he is in need of money or in need of some kind of work. It also happens that you do not like your lifestyle because you are staying home all day, lying on your couch, watching movies, and snacking but you have no idea that it might be an ideal life for someone. So, happiness is not what it looks like, it is what you derive from things. 

Stop Being Negative

When your perceptions are negative then there are chances that you will ruin your happiness and achievements. Negative perceptions always bind your mind to a single thing. They never get to feel pride in your success and never let you see things from a positive frame.

They mess up your mind and make you stay in a state where everything seems unimportant and useless. When you fail to perceive life with positivity, you fail to live life.

Start Living Your Life

Reality is very important but being realistic can be stressful too. There is no harm in associating things with the perceptions that make you smile. You are not here to just spend life, you need to live it. When you are not living your life then there is nothing that can help you.

Running behind things, stressing yourself and thinking too much will lead you nowhere. Doing all these things, you will end up alone, more stressed, and anguished. Dissatisfactions hurt very badly. Just like a coin, life also has two faces. If one is not in your favor then the other one will definitely be.

Stay Positive And Wait For Your Time

All you need to do is wait for your days. If things are not in your favor it does not mean that they will never be. In these situations, perceptions play an important role. Having positive perceptions gives you the strength to cope with difficulties. It makes you believe that if you do not have anything, still you have some things that everyone does not have. It is the same as an example of a glass that is half full or half empty.

You have to choose one thing. You can be happy because you have a half glass of water or you can be sad because half the glass is empty. It is your choice to perceive things positively or negatively. We hope you agree that reality is merely an illusion.

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