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Private Practice: Is It Cheaper to Go to a Private

Your jaw is killing you. Every time you bite down into your favorite foods, it’s pure agony. You know that
you should go to the dentist, but you also know that making an appointment isn’t cheap.
Is going to a private dentist worth the cost, and can you save money on your bill? The answer is yes,
depending on how you go about it.
You’d be surprised at how reasonable private dentists can be. They might be willing to give you discounts
or set up an in-house payment plan if you ask. Keep reading to learn how to get your dental work done
without emptying your bank account.

Private Practice Cost Factors

So, how much does it cost to go to the cheapest private dentist? It’s more than you might think because
of a few factors. A lot of these practitioners are picky about what insurance they take.
You may be hard-pressed to find a practice that takes any kind of insurance at all. They also don’t really
work with government-based assistance programs.
Whereas some corporate dentists have several areas of expertise, most private practitioners only
specialize in a specific area. Depending on what’s wrong with your teeth, you may find yourself having to
waste money by going to a separate specialist.
Even though private practices are a little more expensive, that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth it to go.
You might be able to find an office that will be willing to work with you price-wise. There could be at least
one dentist in your area that will take your insurance.

Are Low-Cost Centers Cheaper?

As the name suggests, if you want to save some money, a low-cost center will be cheaper than going to a
private practice. They’re more flexible when it comes to taking insurance. They’ll also take most forms of
government assistance.
The drawback is that these centers see a ton of people throughout the day. You’re only another patient to
them. If you want a more personable experience and don’t mind paying a little more for it, you’re better off
going to a private practice.

Go to a Local Dental School

If you find that you can’t afford either of the options that we’ve mentioned so far, there is another choice.
You can head to a local dental school.
The students need practice, and your mouth is the perfect guinea pig. You can often get your dental work
done at these schools at over half the cost that you would normally spend.
We will warn you if you have a serious tooth problem, going to a school will be an all-day affair. Students
can’t perform complex dental procedures without having a professional by their side advising them. This
makes this process go a lot slower.

Ask About in-House Payment Plans

After getting your dental work done, you feel great. That is until you get the bill. Your mouth drops to the
floor when you see the price tag.
It can feel overwhelming to try and fork over the entire amount at once. The average person can’t even
come close to pulling that kind of money out of their pocket at a moment’s notice.
What if we told you that you don’t have to pay the entire amount at once? Talk to your private dentist
about opening up a payment plan with them.

Most practitioners will be willing to work with you. They’ll allow you to slowly pay back what you owe for
your dental work in a way that will be easier on your wallet.

Choose a Discount Plan

Not everyone can afford dental insurance. That’s what discount plans are for. People who can’t get dental
insurance through work or by any means of their own can buy into a plan.
Instead of paying a large sum every month, you’ll only have to pay about 100 dollars per year. It doesn’t
cover as much as a regular insurance plan does, but it is better than nothing. It will at least save you a
little money if you go to a dentist that’s within your network.

Take Care of Your Smile

Dental work is only expensive if you have to get a complex procedure done, like a cavity filling or a root
canal. The best way to avoid these procedures is to schedule a tooth cleaning at least twice a year.
During these cleanings, your dentist will look for other small issues and fix them before they turn into
large ones.
Taking care of your smile shouldn’t end at the dental office. Be sure to create a brushing routine and stick
with it. This preventive measure will stop you from having to spend quite as much as the dentist.

Pay in Cash

Sometimes saving money with your private dentist is a matter of talking to them. Ask them if they would
be willing to give you a discount if you pay in cash.
Most dentists will say yes because by paying in cash, you save them money on credit card fees. It’s also
less of a hassle for their billing department.

Saving Money With a Private Dentist

For many people, the only thing stopping them from dealing with their sore jaws and cavities is money.
Going to a private dentist can be a bit expensive unless you have the right insurance.
If you don’t have insurance, there are still ways to save. Sometimes talking to your dentist is the best way
to stop yourself from straining your wallet.
Are you looking for additional ways to take care of your teeth? Visit our blog daily for more tips and tricks
to live by.

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