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Motivation Is To MoveIt was long ago when I started feeling stuck and could not find any direction to move. Watching people happy and satisfied made me feel insecure about my own abilities and qualities. My activities stopped amusing me anymore. When I was a student I got fed up with my institution. Sometimes I used to go to my institute with a very heart. I was just waiting for the day when it will be finished. That day came. My degree was completed and I stopped going to university. Then another part of my life was waiting and that was a practical life. Motivation is to move forward and forget about the past.

At first, it sounded thrilling like working and getting paid. I was so ready to live that life but as I stepped into this, again the same thing started. I was getting bored and tired of my job too. There were a few days when I used to think about quitting my job and being at home. Soon the biggest tragedy of everyone’s life happened. The coronavirus outbreak. No one knew that it would become this severe. Again, everything changed. Now the job was off and not only me, but everyone was supposed to be at home.

Same Routine Makes Us Tired

This routine was what I had been craving for a long time. It was so fun in the beginning. I can say ideal life is just like late-night movies, group calls, spending time with family, cooking and waking up late in the morning. This was great fun when it was just for 2 or 3 months. Then again I was so fed up with this routine.

I wanted to go outside, wanted to do some work. Movies were no longer exciting for me, being in bed started threatening me. That was the time when I realized the worth of being busy and having a few activities and routines in life. Then I realized that the only thing that makes a person move is to move. Then you stop somewhere and you lose track. One thing cannot make your life exciting for your whole life. Things change, moods change but the person remains the same. I came to the conclusion that it is just not me who gets tired of the same routine. It happens with everyone everywhere. I realized that it is not just me who cannot do the same things for a long time.

Learn To Be Energetic

Everyone needs new motivation and motivation on a daily basis to work to move. I started to learn to be energetic. I found out that I have to keep one thing in my mind that excites me. It was not the same thing daily. It was not one of my biggest steps but I did not fear to take this small step. I did not consider this step small. Every day that small thing gave me the motivation to get up and work.

NO Pains, No Gains

Things started to settle. I will not say that I am very satisfied now, but not as fed up as I was before. I have learnt this my whole life “No pains, no gains”. This influences me. We have to keep in mind the importance of small things. Everyone wants a peaceful, satisfied and perfect life. No one knows that a perfect life is a myth. No one’s life is perfect, but we can make our days perfect. All we need is a little motivation and energy to move.

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Fajar Wasiq
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