Life of a man is easier than a woman

Life Of A Man Is Easier Than A WomanFor ages, we’ve learned that men and women are equal. They have equal rights and credibility in society. It is different from culture to culture. Much of the world’s culture is patriarchal. If we look at the early days, women were not given much importance at that time. Women were not even granted the right to vote and did not write their works on their behalf. But as time passed, things began to shift and awareness of women’s rights spread. In my opinion, the life of a man is easier than a woman.

Women still do not have comfortable lives in some communities. They prefer to live their lives under the burden of society and of the patriarchal system. In this article i will try to elaborate how life of a man is easier that a woman.

Women’s Responsibility To Run Home

In our society, women are considered to be responsible for running home, doing domestic chores, and even for tolerating harsh statements. Men don’t have to leave their homes and walk into a new culture and space. It’s the most difficult thing a woman does. It does not happen in every society, but in Asian cultures, it is considered a woman’s responsibility to take care of her husband’s family as well.

In these cultures, women have to bear harsh remarks passed on to them by their own relatives. Even after working for the entire day, they are assumed to be housewives and considered to have done nothing extraordinary only because they were at home.

Women Are Considered Less Competent

In work and educational environments, the grades of girls are often higher than those of boys, but they still do not give good jobs, and some are forced to leave their studies in between. Women are not permitted to work in a few areas. Despite their many contributions, women are considered less competent.

Men also have problems like helping their families and working hard to fulfill their family needs. Men also have the luxury of being able to work in any position, but it’s not that easy for women. Women also face discrimination in the workplace. Women are harassed in numerous places. They don’t have a comfortable working environment and their talents are often dismissed.

Man Has Freedom Of Everything

A woman is often supposed to act respectfully and kindly to others. It is considered immoral if it disagrees with any custom or practices. Man is considered to be exempt from any conventional implementation. No one is telling him if he’s doing something wrong. Not every woman has as much freedom as a man to do whatever she wants.

It is assumed that a girl’s life is easier because she does not have to support her family financially. But they fail to understand that it is not the only privilege one can have. Women do not have the freedom to live their lives according to their will. They have to depend on the males of their houses to make choices of their own life. There is nothing more stressful than this that you do not have rights in your life and someone else is deciding it for you.

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