Life is what happens to you when you are busy


“Life is what happens to you when you are busy in making other plans” John Lennon was a first person to use these lines back in 1980s. He used these lines in his song Darling Boy. It is something on which we should believe whole heartedly, but unfortunately we lack this capacity.

Taking in consideration this Corona outbreak, one can easily say that he had so many plans for this year but, what happened? Nothing. The only thing we can do these days is just staying at our home in order to save our lives. Otherwise, we might become the reason of ours or someone else’s illness or even death.

This year will not the same as past years

Students who were about to graduate and pass out this year, we’re all excited about getting admission in the institutes of their choice  and enter the new experiences there. Many were ready to leave their schools and welcome the college life. College students were also all set to start their university life and same like that university students were also very cheerful about being graduated, getting new jobs or starting their own business. No one knew that this year will not be same as past years, when these things normal and compulsory. When everyone knew that they are graduating or starting something new.

This is what we call LIFE

This year gave us many new experiences. Due to this pandemic, people are not even able to achieve the things that were very normal in past years. Everyone had their own plans and no one thought even for a single time about what if this year will not be same like the other years were? What if we will not be able to execute our plans this year? What if we will not be able to go on the tour we were planning since last year? This is what we call LIFE. It is what happens to us unexpectedly. No one expects this year to be that harsh on us, but we cannot ignore the fact that we do not live on our rules.

Everything was planned out like before. The dates of the exams, dates of results, celebrations, birthdays and festivals were all finalized. Many of us had tours planned for this year, but life gave us something we least expected from it. Everyone is facing difficulties these days. No one is willing to stay home anymore. They have a lot of work pending, but what can we do? Just Nothing, because it is not in our hands.

We should be prepared for anything

This year is giving us a chance to stop and think about the reality of life. All the situations cannot go the same way we want them to go. This is the point to ponder. We do not know what is going to happen next. We don’t know what is going to happen even after a second, but we should be prepared for anything. This quarantine is the last thing that we can demand from our life, but we are surviving it. There are many people who are depressed, many people who are fed up of their routines, many people in the grief that they are not able to live their dreams or put a step forward for it this year. 

So, this is the moment where we should make ourselves stronger to accept the facts and the thing that it is not always possible to get and do everything you want. During this quarantine I have realized that and have my strong belief on “Life is what happens to you when you are busy in making other plans”. It doesn’t even give us a moment to think about anything and this year is a true example of this quotation.

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Arooj Wasiq
Arooj Wasiq
Arooj wasiq is a writer who is so passionate about her work. She is running her own blog, she writes about the mental stuff. She has been working as a teacher for over 4 years. She is masters in English Literature.

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