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keys of success in lifeThere are four keys of success in life for any endeavor: commitment, determination, waiting for the Lord, and making time for recovery and renewal. If these personal traits and habits become part of your routine, they will keep you from giving up and move you toward the success you crave.

Four Keys Of Success In Life

There are four most important and valuable keys of success in life are as follows;


If you want to summarize the idea of “never give up” in one word, you can use the word commitment. Without commitment, people easily give up; they have no staying power whatsoever. If you want to be someone who never gives up, commitment is the key.

Is commitment easy? No, but it’s worth whatever it takes. You may have fought many battles in life, but in the end you will be happy and satisfied. No, it wouldn’t easy, and yes, you may want to give up many times. But you need to commit to God. This does not mean that you are never tempted to give up; it just means that the strength of your commitment enables you to resist this temptation.


A determination to achieve goals and pursue seemingly impossible dreams. In fact, your desire is one of the most powerful forces on earth. If turned in the right direction, you will be able to achieve amazing things in life. I have discovered in my private life that I should not make excuses for anything because the truth is simply: if I want to do something, I will!

If you are a parent of a child struggling in school or any area of life, Ben Carson’s story will motivate you. Remember the difference his mother made in his life, and do what you did: Pray and ask God to give you wisdom to help your children succeed and then help them apply the discipline they need and do not allow them to give up!

If you really want to get out of the bondage that keeps you captive, then do it! Or if you really want to break free and move on from your past, you will. If you really want to develop a positive attitude instead of having a negative attitude, you will. Or if you really want to wait and marry the right person and not take the “second best” because you fear no one else will come, you will!

If you are determined enough, no one – no evil force from hell, no one on earth – can stop you from succeeding. If you obey God and do what He commands you, and if you are determined to stand fast before Satan every time he comes against you, then there will be nothing that prevents you from achieving your goals.

Waiting For The Lord

What is meant by waiting for the Lord? It simply means spending time with him, being in his presence, contemplating his Word, worshiping him, and keeping him at the center of our lives. One of the meanings of the word waiting is “to turn or curl together.” If we think of a braid in someone’s hair, we realize that the hair is woven together so that we cannot know where one strand ends and the other begins.

This is how God wants us to be in our union with him – so closely intertwined and woven with him that we are truly one with him, and that we are direct representatives of his personality. While we wait for him, we become more and more like him. Waiting is not negative. He is very spiritually active. While we wait, we need to strongly expect God to do great things in us and in our lives.

Your intimate relationship with God will strengthen you in the lower part of your being. It will strengthen your heart and transport you through the difficult times in your life with a sense of peace and confidence that everything is fine, no matter what happens. It will give you the strength to endure difficult situations in a way that makes many people around you unable to even detect the slightest stress in your life.

When you wait for the Lord in the way I describe it, you are drawing from Him everything you need. He is your sanctuary, your helper, your joy, your peace, your blessings, and your hope. It gives you everything you need to live in victory over any circumstance.


There comes a time in the life of an eagle that is not as fast as before. It’s not taking off as fast as it has been in years. It is slower to fly. His previously sharp claws became dulled; Calcifications have formed on its beak. It has donned its feathers and is now blasting its whistle as it dives in search of its prey. It’s still an eagle, but it has lost a lot of its strength and versatility.

When this happens, the eagle settles on a high rock as close as possible to the sun and begins to pluck its feathers one by one – sometimes as many as seven thousand of them. He doesn’t care about pain as much as he cares about progress. Then he looks for a cool, refreshing stream in which to clean himself. The water removes all the mud, dirt, parasites and insects that may have accumulated on it over time.

When it is fresh, clean and bare, the eagle stands in front of the sun and starts to wait. The needed regrowth will take about forty days. During that time, he was sharpening his claws and beak by rubbing them back and into a rock. It is using the same rock to overcome the calcification from its beak. Other eagles that have already gone through this process may drop food for him. He goes through a season of relative weakness, but then his strength is renewed.

I am convinced that we all need long or intense periods of restoration and renewal. Personally, I try to schedule three or four times a year to get away by myself for a week. I make an effort to take this time away, because I think one of the best gifts we can give ourselves is spending time with God.

We hope after reading these valuable four keys of success in life, you may build your life with some standards.

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