Insomnia: Everything you should know about it

InsomniaIn modern times, about 70 percent people are dealing with insomnia. Sound sleep has become a strange thing for most people. In our daily life, we happen to hear this word at least once. What is insomnia actually?

Definition Of Insomnia

It is a kind of sleep disorder. People who have insomnia find it difficult when they try to sleep or even to stay asleep.

Types Of Insomnia

Short term insomnia: if a person faces difficulty sleeping for two or three days or for a week it means he is having short term insomnia. It does not stay with him every time he tries to sleep. It happens sometimes due to some physical conditions and problems you are facing at that time.

Long term insomnia: long term insomnia is when a person faces difficulty in sleeping every time he goes to bed. There is no reason like any health issue but, he is never able to fall asleep or whenever he sleeps he wakes up after some time and cannot fall asleep again. Sometimes, a person dealing with insomnia stays awake the whole night for no reason.

Reasons For Insomnia

  • Mental Health
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Bad sleeping habits
  • Poor nutrition
  • Stress and tension
  • Overwork
  • Medical condition
  • Caffeine

Mental health

People with unstable mental health tend to have insomnia. They always have something in their mind that keeps them awake and increases their discomfort. Mental illness can cause long term insomnia as a person is not sleeping because of different scenarios he is making in his mind.

Depression And Anxiety

Today, half of our generation has become a victim of depression. This depression and anxiety lead them to get insomnia and they are unable to sleep.

Bad Sleeping Habits

It is a trend nowadays to sleep in the daytime and stay awake all night. They ruin their sleep patterns. Some people take naps during daytime due to which they face sleeping issues at night. It is a kind of primary insomnia.

Poor Nutrition

People suffer from insomnia because of their bad eating habits. The increase of junk and fast food has taken people away from the health benefits of fresh and healthy food and it also disturbs their sleep pattern because they are not having proper nutrition and feel uncomfortable and restless at night.

Stress And Tension

Whenever a person is tensed or stressed he might feel uncomfortable and it also disturbs his sleep. He goes on thinking about that and gets more stressed until the problem is solved.


Students usually stay up late at night to study and complete their projects and assignments. Doing this continuously they get used to it. Whenever they try to sleep early they are unable to do it because it has become their habit to stay awake till late at night.

Medical Condition

There are some cases where a person is dealing with a health issue. Having some kind of physical pain like headache, joint pain, back pain or any other disease like cough, diarrhea and fever might make it difficult for him to sleep.


People who use too much caffeine also tend to face sleeping difficulties. Having tea or coffee late at night sometimes also becomes a reason for you to stay awake till late at night.


  • Difficulty in falling asleep
  • Tiredness all day
  • Getting irritated even on trivial matters
  • Less focused and lack of concentration
  • Headache all day
  • Nausea

Cures For Insomnia

Maintain a sleep schedule and follow it particularly

  • Use some time to do yoga before sleeping
  • Say no to gadgets and other distractions
  • Creating a comfortable environment
  • Don’t take nap in the evening or afternoon
  • Eat at least two hours of sleep
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Medical Treatment For Insomnia

Medication is also used to treat insomnia sometimes.

There are many doctors who can prescribe you different medicines that can help you to cope with insomnia. Doctors might ask about your mental health and your daily habits to find out the reasons.

Many doctors recommend sleeping pills for a sound sleep. Always consult your doctor before taking any medicine to avoid the side effects of any pill or drug.

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