Individualistic Cultures And Mental Health Issues

Individualistic CulturesIndividualistic cultures emphasize individual goals and individual human rights. An individualist is inspired by the benefits and personal reward. Individualistic individuals set personal objectives and expectations based on themselves. Individualistic workers work very well with flexibility and not with a team.


Countries considered individualists include the Netherlands, Nordic countries, Czech Republic, USA, Poland, Italy and Germany.

For Example

USA is the best example of individualism because people from USA support their own finances and do not depend on anyone else for their needs.


Individualists promote direct communication. They say what they want to say rather than overlapping the words they do not have a fear of being misunderstood.

Those from individualistic cultures practice the concept of time as monochromic which means the needs of the people adjust to the demands of times.

They are not so threatened about uncertainty as they do not feel a need to control it so much. They do not rely on others for love and affection or any type of emotional support they always make on their own.

Mental Health Issues

The following are the major mental health issues facing by the individualistic cultures.

Social Support

Those from individualistic cultures lack social support that can be a major mental health issue because they have to face the stress alone, on their own and they cannot talk about their problems with others.

Depressive Disorder

People from individualistic cultures are more depressed compared to the people of collectivist cultures. They also face panic disorders because they work day and night without any companionship.


The mindset of the people from individualistic cultures is;

  • Individual rights take center stage.
  • Independence is highly valued.
  • People tend to be self-reliant.
  • More emphasis on ME and less on the WE.
  • They never avoid giving honest feedback to preserve harmony.
  • They are always so expressive about their emotions.
  • Placing importance on individual heroism instead of collective efforts.
  • Self-satisfaction is the main and foremost priority.

Influence on The World

Individualism influences the world in many ways definitely, someone who has a strong sense of individualism cannot be easily influenced by wrong and bad rather they influence them. They have vivid picture of what they want from color, smell to smallest details. They have a very strong decision making power or ability for their betterment. If every single person works for his own betterment gradually the world will be the better place to live as a whole.

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