Impact of Media On Society

impact of media on societyChannels of communication which spread news, entertainment, education, data or promotional message are called Media. As we know, media has an essential impact on our lives. Media plays both a constructive or destructive role in our society. Further we are going to discuss some negative impact of media on society.

Provides More Tension

Media provides more tension than happiness .Sitting in front of television and going through the news daily is making us more depressed. Media usually shows the miseries of people and the troubles that are spread all over the world.

These things awaken a feeling of sorrow in our minds. On the other hand, social media is also playing its role in spreading information that affects people’s minds and has a negative impact.

Scrolling down the media daily is not giving any relief. It is showing the world that there is no peace and humility.

Showing Violence Is A Bad Impact Of Media On Society

By showing theft, violence and kidnappings it affects people’s minds. They feel insecure even in their own houses. People fear to go outside or let their children go outside because of the bitter news they are watching daily.

The media shows the world as a place where nothing is safe and protected. It is also affecting civilian’s social life and social activities. On a daily basis we see young people snatching things from the passengers at gun point.

It is increasing the fear of violence on people. They cannot leave their homes. We see youth committing crimes that are destroying the minds of children or other people who are watching them doing this.

Stress: Impact Of Media On Society

It gives birth to an unusual stress in a person’s life. Media shows information that is not very necessary to share. Listening to these unusual events shows negative ways people find new tricks of committing crimes.

Everyone is stressed as they are watching the events that are sometimes hard to believe. The world has never been stressed like this before. With the increasing role of media in our lives we are facing more troubles rather than relief.

It not only makes people aware of the things happening around world but it makes us scared of the daily events. In modern times, everyone is dealing with his own struggles and problems.

Things we see in media add to their stress, they go on thinking about the things happening around them and end up being depressed.

Trust Issues

If we keep relying on media we will not be able to even move out of our house and not even to work after witnessing this news. People are developing trust issues.

They can’t even trust their friends and family members. People face difficulty in finding what to believe or what not. Sometimes the things we see in the media are not the complete truth but, just a dark side shown to us.

Viewers go on to believe things that are not the full truth. They are not looking at the other side of the coin. Media is misleading the youth. Media is not playing the role that it should play for the betterment of the world. And without any doubt there is some positive impact of media on society but they must create more.

It is just breaking away the self-confidence of people by showing the things that should not be exposed to the emerging talent.

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