how to handle rejection better or in a great way

how to handle rejection betterIsn’t it great to get the honor you deserve and want? Really isn’t it respectful when everyone comes to you to ask for permission? Isn’t it fun when everyone wants you to be with them? Yes, indeed it is. People love to get the protocol. Everyone loves to get loved. It is human nature. All of us have an innate desire of belonging, getting respected and accepted by others. This is the main reason that many people cannot digest when they get rejected by someone. Yes, rejection is the worst. But you must know how to handle rejection better way.

Every year a huge number of students attempt exams and entrance tests. Not all of them get selected for the available seats. This is also a form of rejection that hurts some candidates so badly that it changes their whole attitude and behavior. We never think if the situation gets opposite to what we are expecting it to be. That is logical why people get aggressive and even negative after rejection.

How Rejection Plays With A Mindset

People develop a negative mindset about the one who has rejected them whether it is an individual or a social group. Sometime in institutes, there are events in which we want to participate but not always get selected. This also raises a sense of rejection and rejection in a person. A rejected person may become enemies of either those who rejected him or who get selected in place of him. These are the few things that rejection arises in people’s minds.

C. Nathan De Wall says “Humans have a fundamental need to belong. Just as we have needs for food and water, we also have needs for positive and lasting relationships,”

We are so bound to social groups that we feel it impossible to live without them. The feeling of loneliness and isolation kills a person from inside. That is why we rely so much on social groups and rejection breaks us into pieces. Rejection affects our;

Sometimes we take rejection more seriously than we should take it. We start questioning our capabilities if we get rejected for a job or a role that we really wanted to do. People should stop overthinking and exaggerating this thing.

There are ways in which anyone can learn how to handle rejection better or even in a great way;

Understanding The Pain

When someone starts understanding his own emotions and feelings then, nothing can break him. Accepting rejection is a very huge step but we do not have any other way. You cannot force someone to accept you and be with you. So, we should understand that our emotions are hurting us for the time being and we will get better with time.

Confidence That You Are Putting Efforts

Getting rejected is better than getting demotivated that results in not participating in anything. When you are facing rejection again and again it means you are pushing yourself and putting as much effort as you can.

Trying Again And Again

A person who has confidence in himself knows that if he is facing rejection it does not mean that he is a loser. He does not lose hope even if he has to start from the beginning. There is a famous proverb “Try Try Again, till you succeed”.

So do not let the rejection define you but, make your efforts and attempts your strength.

How To Handle Rejection Better: Never Stop Learning

Education never ends. You are learning new things with every passing second of your life. Learn from your attempts, learn from your experiences and failures as well. This is how you can be confident and hopeful about the future.

No one wants rejection, but you cannot always get what you want. Life has ups and downs. Learn to move with them, accept reality and always try to make it better.

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