How To Get Rid of Pain For Happiness

how to get rid of painSometimes life hurts, relationships become the reasons for distress and everything bounces back to point zero. We struggle hard to get rid of pain. But all these things overwhelm us that we find no way out except to confront it. We ask ourselves different questions and we believe that life is so unfair to us. Somewhere we neglect the fact that the pain we are suffering from, has a reason behind it.  We can get rid of pain for happiness by taking life events positively.

Tragedies Are Obvious

Tragedies engulf us. We forget any appropriate way to handle the situation as we have developed a mindset that this will never happen to us. But it can happen to any of us. We are not special. We are common human beings. Why would we always get the best? Who will make us understand this? No one. Even if they want to. So try to reshape yourself into a better version of yourself rather than to define yourself by tragedy. 

Stop Being Pitiable 

We don’t feel shame begging in front of a person who’s same like others, like us. Didn’t get me? I mean that person is as common as we are. But we beg to make them stay with us. It’s really strange how can someone beg in front of anyone? But we all do because we all think that we’ve become so weak to handle it all alone. We should use this as an opportunity to forge a new set of beliefs regarding our strength. 

Trying To See Blessing In Disguise

We put all our energy to figure out why does this happen to me rather than to discover why does it still happen to me? Let me tell you maybe we need it badly. We might not find out before but as far as we go away from the sufferings we start evaluating them maturely. We understand why God makes us go through this pain. As we weigh down the situation from a distance we focus our mind on looking for the lesson. Learn a lesson from your pain, return your power back to you.

‘’Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny’’

Self Realization 

The tragedy only means that we don’t need anyone. We will learn more about your strengths. It comprehends the fact that all we need is ourselves. It all depends upon us whether we want to change our pain into power or we want to let it be the cause of our failures and disappointments.

Possibilities Are Always There

‘’Pain is inevitable and suffering Is optional.’’

Budhhist proverb Suffering form pain is totally our choice. We do face challenges when we strive for our growth as a person. But it’s not that difficult. Chances are always there. We just have to find them out for ourselves. Pain and suffering is the whole process. It doesn’t really matter but the thing that matters is how we respond to it. If it causes a slight change in you as a person. It means you are learning, healing and growing up and that’s exactly we need in our lives.

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