How Sugar Affects Weight Loss: The Hidden Truth

How Sugar Affects Weight LossOne thing I need to accept is that it is not easy to stay away from sugar. But if you don’t stay away, sugar affects your weight loss activity. You must look in the kitchen and find places where sugar exists.

How Sugar Affects Weight Loss – Read the Products Labels

You must take a look at ingredients labels of your breakfast cereals, bread, crackers, junk foods, everything. Actually sugar is a trap, food manufacturers know that if they add it to their products, you’ll keep coming back for more.

Why Does Sugar Have No Nutritional Value?

Sugar comes from sugarcane plants and has many nutritional benefits in its raw form. Unfortunately, we lost all fibers, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes during the sugar refining process. After many refining processes, you get a package of refined sugar which has no nutritional benefits.

Why Do You Become Addicted to Food?

The answer is very simple because all these foods contain sugar that has fat, saturated fat, oils, and much more useless calories. Excess use of sugar has yielded many disorders like yeast overgrowth, affects the immune system, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, damaging the liver and kidneys, increase of uric acid in the blood, mental and emotional disorders. In addition, excess sugars make you overweight.

Stop Buying Products That Contain Aspartame

Nowadays you are drinking diet sodas and eating sugar-free foods in order to avoid sugar. All these products contain aspartame. The truth is always bitter,” Mr. G.D. Searle, the founder of Aspartame, was denied eight times by the FDA before getting approved in 1973.

Neuroscientist Dr. John Olney and researcher Ann Reynolds prepared a report after investigating whether aspartame was dangerous. Dr. Martha Freeman, a scientist from the FDA declared, “The information submitted for review is inadequate to permit a scientific evaluation of clinical safety.”

The FDA listed ninety-two side effects of the so-called sweetener aspartame. Few are food carving, weight gain, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, bloating, reproductive disorders and many more.

How Sugar Affects Weight Loss and How Do We Get Fat?

Excess amounts are stored in your liver as glycogen. But when excess sugar is fed to the liver, the excess amounts are returned to the bloodstream as fatty acids. And you know the result of this process is that you put fat on your hips, thighs, and ass.

Substitute for Sugar

I am not telling you to quit sugar completely for the rest of your life but just suggesting a substitute that is natural and healthier than sugar.

In my opinion there is no better substitute for sugar other than Stevia. It is unique among all other sugar substitutes because of its properties. It is free from calories and naturally derived from plants. And it equally aids in the digestion process. It is safe for diabetics because it has no glycemic index.

How Sugar Affects Weight Loss – Conclusions

  • Health risks are related to the excessive use of refined sugar.
  • Read labels on products you are buying to eat or drink.
  • Stay away from products containing aspartame as a sweetener.
  • For a healthy and active lifestyles burn some calories.
  • Sugar affects weight loss activity

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