Like Love, Heartbreak Doesn’t Last Forever

Heartbreak Doesn't Last Forever“Like love, even heartbreak does not last forever.”

“What happens when people open their hearts?”

“They get better.”

Healing comes to us in various and unexpected ways. But don’t forget this fact that it’s really okay to get hurt. It’s okay if your whole world drops at once. It’s okay if you’re unable to survive these frigid winter’s nights and hot scorching days. And it’s okay if you’re stuck in the middle of the way that leads you towards your destination. It feels like this phase is never going to end ever. But it does. When we stop chasing the cause of our heartbreak and start looking at it as an invaluable experience for a lifetime. Remember, there isn’t any timeline on healing. 

Confront Hardships

Everyone who sees one’s world falling apart in front of them, doesn’t know how to deal with devastation. Even simple tasks feel so heavy to do. We forget to breathe and speak. We feel lost and need to keep that in mind that we’re going to be okay. But first of all we have to confront our hardships.

We need to get ourselves home, good food and music. Remember we don’t need to be strong all the time. That pain is ours, there’s no any other way than to feel it till it stops hurting us. We can cry and stay up late all night. Allow yourself to feel everything around you. The hurt and the pain. Most of all the healing that is proceeding, but gradually. 

Pain Is Temporary

Sometimes we spend hours, days, weeks and months to take them out of our minds. But suddenly as we cross the same path where we used to hang out with them. We feel shattered. We ran back to our place cry and break down. It happens and it may happen again. Maybe every three or four weeks but it doesn’t mean, we are not going to step out of it. 

Leaving someone who you think will hold you forever destroys your soul. It feels like you are left alone in the middle of a busy road without any direction or map. Heartbreak surely sucks in every way. We feel out of words and disoriented by everything happening around us.

Healing Takes Time

We struggle to grasp on to our thoughts and feelings to act normal. But we still have such a powerful impact of that heartbreak on our lives that we hardly dare to think about a care free life. We are supposed to add a lot of energy into our healing process. We shouldn’t let it stop at any cost. Don’t forget light always enters through broken sides. We must hold on to that thought in the middle of our pain. 

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”

Learn The Lesson

We all face such challenges in our lives. Everyone endures this pain. We need to channelize this pain for our own good. Just embrace the pain and focus on your growth. Learn the lesson that lies underneath your failed relationship. Pain or hurt is willing to teach us something that is really priceless. Heartbreak is all about this and this will only happen if we welcome them as an unwanted Guest. Greet them warmly and then bid farewell to these filthy thoughts smoothly. 

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