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healing takes timeHealing takes some time it doesn’t happen overnight. It comes gradually and changes us for our betterment. I hear people saying that ‘Time heals all wounds’ but that’s not exactly true. By that time we learn to live with the pain and hurt. The wound heals but the scar remains there.


Our scars make us believe in the fact that our past was real and yes, we are strong enough to live with that scar. It doesn’t hurt but it reminds us of our bad experiences, to rescue us for further damage. I think there is one more reason from that mark that is left behind. It becomes the mark of victory against our hurt, fears and pain.


As Ernest Hemingway said, “We all are broken that’s how the light gets in.”


We all get hurt, it all depends upon the way we react towards the hurt. Don’t ever lose yourself in the whirlpool of negative thoughts.

Don’t Stop Yourself From Healing

This life is for laughing, loving, sharing, smiling, helping, dancing and healing. But after we get hurt we stop ourselves from enjoying these pleasures of life. It’s a fact that we don’t feel the same all the time. We become sensitive and emotional. We mourn, cry and then wrap ourselves in our arms.

But sometimes after mourning over the pain we forget to step forward to resume the healing process. Healing must not be stopped at any cost.

Feel The Hurt And Then Let It Go

Most of the people who are in pain, pretend to be happy. They smile and laugh at work, home and at gatherings. But as the night prevailed they began to feel lonely again. They get tired of putting up a mask of contention. They fall and break again. First of all, don’t stop yourself from facing your demons. We heal when we face our fears and hurt. Then by the time we get immune to the pain and hurt. The first step of healing is to confront the pain that we fear facing. Being fake about your happiness creates a block inside you and healing can’t work for you if you don’t show up as who you are.

”If you desire healing, let yourself fall ill”- Rumi

Healing Takes Time – Don’t Reject Yourself

If someone has rejected you it doesn’t you are not worthy of any happiness or you are lesser than anyone on this planet. You possess every quality but that person is unable to appreciate your love and care.

Remember you are not born to feel like you are not good enough unless others like you. You deserve the love and care you give to others. When you start loving yourself you will be able to find the love that reciprocates.

Pain Causes Some Good Reasons

Pain always makes us more empathetic and sympathetic to the world. The pain that breaks us is the thing that makes us. When we heal from any pain and hurt we don’t remain the same person.

In fact, we get better in many ways. Healing takes time but the person we become is worth the wait and time. Pain makes us the best version of ourselves for our future relationships and people in our surroundings.

Don’t Go Back Because Healing Takes Time

Sometimes we keep on running back to the person who breaks us. We try to search for our home in their arms. But a hand that crushes your heart into pieces can never build it again for you.

If that heart has any sympathy and love for you, it will not abandon you in the first place. If those eyes are filled with love for you, those will not bring you to your knees.

“Do not look for healing at the feet of those who broke you.”

Seeking Help

Seeking help in your prayers. Bow down before God for peace of your mind and soul. No doubt only God has the power that can transform us into a better person after all sufferings.

Sometimes God sends us the shoulders to cry on and the ears to listen to our pain and the hand that hauled us out of the tunnel of suffering. Healing occurs when you open up your heart in front of the people who really care for you.

Like your family and friends. Don’t forget to help yourself out at that crucial time. Because it’s only you who could find a way out of all troubles.

Pain causes a sudden pain that we can’t escape. Pain is an inevitable phenomenon. But because of pain, we can feel the beauty and tenderness of healing. We can feel the beauty and tenderness of healing. Healing, no doubt, is beautiful.

We hope after reading this article you may be able to heal yourself and just keep one thing in mind: healing takes some time.

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