Good intentions are always rewarded

good intentions

Intentions are our motives that we have in our minds when we start or are about to start something big or new. Whatever we plan to do always has a back story that has triggered or compelled us to do something. It can be a moral that has forced us to do something good for ourselves or others. There also can be a tragedy that is making us attempt something. Life is a chain of events. All the things we are doing are linked to the past events that have happened to us.

Role of NGOs

In today’s world, there are a huge number of NGOS that are trying their best to help people, to feed hungry people and to provide basic necessities to those who do not have these. They have their own intentions. They might be doing this because they really want to support and help humanity. There are other chances that they might be conscious of their own perspectives. We do not know if they are doing this to make their name or brand big. They might be collecting donations from people and using these on themselves rather than using on the needy ones. This is a game of intentions. When your intentions are not good, then how will you get anything? These things are not going to help you either if you have taken these with bad intentions.

TS Eliot once said “Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.”

Good or bad intentions

Sometimes, there are people who go about doing the worst things and they believe that they are doing it for some good purpose. They believe that they have great intentions, but that is not the truth.

Like many years ago, colonials came and took over the subcontinent. They forced people to change their religion, norms and values. They believed that it is their duty given to them by God to educate the colonized people. Their main intentions were not very good because they took over the land to rule the colonized land and make those people their slaves. They never succeed because they came there with bad intentions. They were not doing any good to other people but were just thinking about their own progress.

How can you find out if you are a person with good intentions or one with bad intentions? When you do something good and nice for anyone and you feel inner peace and internally satisfied then you are a person with good intentions. Who is happy to make others happy? But do not do these things to please others because showing off is not something a person with good intentions does.

Do good have good

Everything you start with having good intentions in your mind never let you down. If it does not work in the way you wanted it to, it will definitely work in another way granting you something more promising and beneficial. It is a very famous quote “Do Good Have Good”. It is not just a belief, but it is the reality of the world. Our earth is round, something we have done with someone will always return to us with the same results. You cannot change your destiny, but you can have good motives for others so you will never be defeated because good intentions are something that are never unrewarded and never harm anyone.

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