Goals Are Good For You – Learn To Set Goals

Goals Are Good For YouFirst of all we will discuss that actually what does the word goal means. So, a goal is a concept of the desired outcome that an individual imagine, prepare and commit to achieving. Then the question arises that why goals are good for you or us? For a lot of reasons, goals are good. They are giving us a purpose to live for. They give us hope and help us build a strategy to fulfill our dreams. I happen to think that as we begin to look at ourselves reaching them, the most important part of goal-setting is the psychological impact it has.

Steps To Get Your Goals

There are three steps for reaching or achieving your goal in life.

  • Process
  • Performance
  • Outcome

How To Set A Goal

The tips and tricks of setting a goal in life could be;

  • Configure goals
  • Set reasonable expectations
  • Write down priorities you cannot do with
  • Maintain limited operating objectives
  • Be correct
  • Set performance targets, not outcome targets
  • State each purpose as a constructive statement

Reasons Why Setting Goals Is Important

The following are the major reasons why setting goals in life is good for us;

Objectives Allow Us To Believe In Ourselves

A way to boost your ambition is to set targets for yourself. Setting goals is not only about making a life plan and keeping yourself accountable, it’s also about providing us with the motivation required to reach for something we never thought possible.

Clarify Your Desires

The process of writing your goals allows you to articulate what you want to do, to appreciate the value of achieving them and to devote yourself to making them happen.

Goals Push You Forward

You remain on track when you assess the success of your goals, see your target dates and feel the joy of accomplishment that will drive you to reach your goals.

The Goal Empowers You

Setting goals in life helps you to live your vision with strength. When you dedicate yourself to your vision and articulate it in tangible goals, you are inspired by where you are going and how you plan to get there.

Goals Teach You What You Really Wish For

There are probably occasions when we set targets that do not really reflect what we want. Often we think that we need more money, when we really need to change the climate. So, in this moment defining or setting a goal for yourself could help you to avoid or eliminate the puzzling situation like these.

The Goal Gives You Directions

There is less tension and pressure in your life when you have a course, because you know where you are going. It’s like getting a map that indicates the way for you. You’re not wasting your time going in circles and getting nowhere.


The difficulty in not having a goal is that we can waste our lives running up and down the field and never scoring. Therefore, a dream becomes an objective action to fulfill it. Nevertheless, we are never too old to set a new target or imagine a new dream .So, the above discussion completely justifies that goals in life are really good for us.

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