Feminism and its value in Pakistan

FeminismFeminism is something that is a hot topic today. With the word feminism, we get this idea that it has been derived from the word Feminine that refers to female or women. Yes, feminism is about women, but today not only men but women are also having some wrong views about what this movement is.

This feminist movement started in late 19th and early 20th century when women demanded their rights and fought for it. Basically, feminism was divided into three waves.

The first wave focused on the political rights of women. The second wave dealt with the professional equality of women with men. The third wave threw light on the social rights of women.

right to vote

There were times when women were not given the importance they deserved. Women were expected to stay at home and do not participate in any political or social activity.

By the end of the nineteenth century, women stood up for themselves and demanded that their writers cast votes. As a result of this, women were given the right to vote at the age of twenty one and after that a girl of eighteen years was allowed to caste vote.

permission to run their own business

Women were not allowed to run their own business nor were they allowed to own a separate house. Many female writers of early times were not allowed to publish their work by name. Instead of using their own name, women had to use a pseudo name of male to get their writings published.

After the objection of women on this aspect, women were granted permission to run their own business and own a house at the age of thirty.

gender discrimination

Women believed that they were oppressed by men. They believed that they are a victim of gender discrimination and people think that women are inferior to men.

Patriarchal society is one of the main reasons for the oppression of women where males are dominant and women are not given that much importance.

Women presented that they can also work like men if they are given opportunities. Women proposed an idea that women are not just bound to work at home but, they can also work at social level and earn for their families.

Today, the world has changed a lot and many people are in favor of feminism but, still there are few people and societies that are not supporting this. Women are still burned alive, women in many areas are still not allowed to become a part of society.

Situation In Pakistan

Let’s talk about our own country Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the most patriarchal regions. They praise the birth of a boy. In many areas people believe that a girl brings bad luck to her.

Nowadays, people are more educated and practical than before. This is the reason that people are becoming more aware of the role of females in our society. Some of our patriarchal society do not support the freedom of a female and they are against liberalism.

Many of us are okay with our son going to study or do jobs in foreign countries. But we do not support our daughters to study even outside of their cities. These things are becoming barriers in the way of women’s success.

Brown families are happy to agree on their son’s choices for his life but do not allow their daughters to have their dreams and choices. They do not believe that females are capable of doing something on their own.

In many families and areas, people force their own decisions on females and expect them to agree on them. Discrimination is still found in most areas of our country even in some educated and liberal families.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence is also very common these days. Males misuse their power and impose this on their wives, daughters and sisters. Females are left with no choice but to agree on what their men want them to do.

This is the only reason that women of our country are not that confident and bold. They are unable to speak for themselves and raise their voice against the violence they are facing.

The meaning of feminism

There are also many women who are using the wrong meaning of feminism. Feminism is not about vulgarity and nudity. It was introduced for women to get their equal rights in political and social activities.

Feminism was placed forward to support women to study, get education, to write, to work and to support other women not to misuse this term.


We have not succeeded in applying this movement in our country, but we can still work for this. We can do this by educating our people with the facts of why women and their work are important for the betterment of our society.

It is the time to make people realize that there are many women who have done a lot for our country who have worked for the freedom and peace of our country.

Feminism is not just about giving your females permission to party or live alone but, to encourage them to study and choose the profession they want and let them work in the way they want to work.

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