Feminine Power – Women’s Key to High Self-Esteem

feminine powerOver the years, I have come to realize that there is something missing in my life, regardless of my accomplishments or what I have achieved. I realized a few years ago that I was still trying to prove myself. I was driving myself crazy in my attempts to be ‘Wonder-Woman’. Trying to be a successful career woman, a passionate lover, a giving mother, an ideal daughter and the perfect friend to everyone who asked for attention. We need to recognize our feminine power.

I ended up drained, almost burned out and ultimately… dissatisfied.

Do You Recognize A Similar Pattern In Your Life?

What is it that makes it hard to prove ourselves as women? How come that no matter how successful we are, we’re still not satisfied? Why is it that we are often torn between our careers / studies and our families and relationships?

And why is it that we spend so little time, energy or money taking care of ourselves (mind, body, emotions and soul)?

Many women live their lives feeling that ‘something is missing’ or ‘something is not OK with me’. We have forgotten the natural way behind it – we have forgotten your feminine power.

What is Feminine Power?

Feminine power recognizes and honors the values ​​of women’s energy, and gives them due importance and place in our daily lives. It is living our natural way, and who we really are; In essence, it is our intention to live like nature.

The problem is that we all grow up in a culture that predicts masculine energy. Therefore the values with which we live are those of the male energy. The value of female energy is devalued and prejudged as limiting or unsupported.

For over 8,000 years, we have embraced the values ​​of masculine energy, which form a way of life. We call it HISTORY…
These standards and values have been so ingrained in our conscious and unconscious minds that it is difficult to recognize them today, and even harder to let them go.

For us women, these standards and values create a split between our natural way of being and the way we ‘should’ be and behave. This split directly reduces our self-esteem, as we are unable to act according to our true self. Instead, for getting success we want to be somebody else.

Feminine Power Builds Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is the base of our consciousness and it determines everything in our life. This is your approval and disapproval of you. This is the degree to which you feel capable, capable and prominent. Most importantly, your self-esteem explains how you relate to yourself. It is about your values.

Obviously, if our values ​​are considered trivial and not important, then as women, our self-confidence decreases. All this occurs, as the values and judgments upon feminine energy are buried deep inside us as the long-term result of thousands of years of cultural conditioning.

At this level of consciousness, the problem becomes even more serious. Women today are born with messages of equality, power, literacy and knowledge and of course the world must now be free to move and conquer. However, when attempting to do so, the old conditioned judgments raise their ugly heads and lower our self-esteem.

In order to enhance our self-esteem as women, we must first recognize these identities and society has imposed historical values ​​and standards, which are very destructive to our feminine origins. Those values that ‘make us wrong’. We need to start learning about and connecting to the values of that human society that existed for nearly 40,000 years on this earth before the patriarchal society took over our culture.

The Values Of Feminine Culture

So what did that society stand for? What were the values of that feminine culture? The values that once directed that culture are these days regarded as not supportive of progress and therefore limiting. Those values, such as working from intuition and not logic. Such as

  • Living and regarding life as a cycle and not a linear process.
  • Showing feelings and emotions instead of trying to control them.
  • More socially oriented than striving for hierarchy and order.

When will we as women recognize that dreams and creativity are as important as the direction of technology and purpose?

That being a good listener is equally as powerful as speaking abilities; that service is a quality that results in so much more than the meaningless pursuit of material acquisition? And that the ageless wisdom resulting from experience and years is more valuable than the ‘head knowledge’ acquired from books and universities?

Start Utilizing Feminine Power

When do we start utilizing our Feminine Power? And when we proudly acknowledge that flourishing support requires our help, teamwork and cooperation, we begin to harness our feminine power.

When we acknowledge our nurturing abilities and cease viewing them as a hindrance for our advancement and growth, that is when we start using our Feminine Power. Once we begin to live like this, we become proud of what it really is, our natural existence as women.

We begin to make the connection to our internal power and we gain a truly high self-esteem as women therefore finally living without that constant conflict between our outer and inner world.

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