Fear Of Change Phobia – How to confront

Fear Of Change PhobiaFor some reason, not many people like change, and I think it’s often because they are afraid of it. Often times, when we feel overwhelmed or simply bored with a situation, we become anxious and begin to pray: “Oh my God! Something has to change!” Then, when God tries to make a difference in our lives, we say, “Lord, What are you doing? I don’t think I can handle this change! ”We often find ourselves caught in the tension between wanting change and fear of change phobia.

Only God Remains Unchanged

Thank God, he remains unchanged. Because he is always the same, we can trust him in any changing circumstances or situations. This should give us great courage and comfort when we are faced with changes in our lives. We don’t need to fear change. We can deal with it, because God remains the same.

What if Abraham Lincoln had a fear of change phobia? He would not have signed the Emancipation Proclamation, and the terror of slavery could have continued in America. What if Orville and Wilbur Wright were afraid of change? We would all be stuck traveling on land or sailing over water rather than flying across the sky. What if Thomas Edison, whom I mentioned earlier, feared change? We’ll still be reading by candlelight after sunset.

Many Changes Made People’s Lives Better

I share this short article with you to inspire you to reflect on the many good changes that have made people’s lives better and easier over the years. I am sure that you can make your own list of the positive changes that have occurred in your life. Remember that being afraid of change may keep you from doing something wonderful. I urge you not to let that happen, but to boldly embrace the changes that are coming your way.

If You Remain Unchanged, There Is No Growth

Unchanged there is no growth, and everything that does not grow dies. Change is a truth of life, and the more we fear and resist, the more we resist God. As I indicated earlier, God Himself does not change, but He does change people, circumstances and things for sure.

Changes Attract People

I started noticing a few years ago that the people attending our conferences were all my age or older. Then, I started asking myself where the younger generation was, and eventually I realized I wasn’t offering them anything that they could relate to. I have decided that I will make whatever changes I need to be relevant to the younger generation because they are the future.

We can never change God’s Word because it always remains the same, but we can change the way we collect it and that’s exactly what we did. I changed the style of my clothes to match today’s fashion. We have changed the look of our conferences by adding different musical styles, an updated media presentation, and different lighting technologies.

Although these things do not change the word of God, which is the main thing we are trying to introduce, they do attract people to it. Once we are ready to change some of these external things, we have fun. Now prayers of all ages are happy to see that the “generation gap” doesn’t really have to exist if we are willing to adopt some new ways.

We all tend to think according to the generation we have grown up in, but we must realize that things are always changing. If we are not ready to change, God will not stop waiting for us and we will wonder why we have missed the things He does today.

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