Fast Weight Loss: What Should We Eat

fast weight lossThere are two important results from all dietary studies conducted in the past years, either all diets work or all diets fail. What I mean by weight loss follows the same basic curves that dieters are familiar with. It is observed that all weight loss programs work, some little more and some little less. But after following a few months, the weight regained. The answer we must understand is what should we eat for fast weight loss.

In the short term, we can use different foods to reduce our body weight. However, once it falls below the body weight, the body activates the mechanism to regain that weight and that’s a long-term problem.

The complex nature of obesity is an important missing link. There is a numberless cause of obesity; calories do obesity, carbohydrates do obesity, sugar does obesity and insulin does obesity. On the other hand, fiber protects us from obesity. All these factors link up on different hormonal pathways that cause weight gain, and insulin is the most important of these. Insulin can be reduced by using low-carbohydrate diets.

Obesity is a multifunctional disease. What we need is an integrated layout to understand how all of its factors fit together.

The only answer is why weight loss programs do not work for long, because none of this addresses the complexity of the disease. Without understanding the multifaceted nature of obesity, which is important, we are engulfed in an endless cycle of accusations.

Hormonal disorder of fat regulation causes obesity. High levels of insulin can lead to weight gain, insulin levels can be reduced by using rational therapy.

I will guide you step by step in achieving this goal.

STEP 1: Consume Lesser Added Sugar

Sugar stimulates insulin secretion, but it is far more serious. It increases insulin immediately for a longer period of time. Sugar contains the same amount of glucose and fructose, and fructose directly helps the liver to resist insulin. Insulin resistance causes insulin to increase over time.

Therefore, sucrose and high-fructose corn syrup contain fattening, which is much higher than other foods. Sugar produces insulin resistance, so it is the cause of fattening. It has no nutritional benefits, so it can be eliminated from any diet.

Of course, you should cut down on sugar from your diet plan. The reason for adding sugar to every meal or beverage is not understood. It is impossible for you to avoid sugar because it is mostly hidden in food preparation. Sugar does not contain any dietary fiber to reduce the harmful effects.

1. Read The Labels

Sugar is not always labeled as injurious to health in refined and processed foods. One popular trick is to use different synonyms for sugar on food labels.

Sugar is the first choice for processed food manufacturers, as it adds some extra flavor to food at no cost.

2. I Want Fast Weight Loss: Avoid Unhealthy Desserts

Most desserts are full of sugar which gives them a special taste such as cookies, puddings, cakes, and candy bars. You can replace these unhealthy desserts with fresh seasonal fruits. Alternatively, a small plate of nuts and cheese offers a very satisfying meal without the added burden of sugar.

Dark chocolate is another replacement, it does not contain any sugar. But listen, milk chocolates packed with sugar. It also has many health benefits as it contains fibers and antioxidants.

Most nuts are packed with healthy fats, have little or no carbohydrates, and they also have high fiber, which increases their potential benefits.

Food has always played an important role in anniversaries, weddings, graduations, Christmas, Thanksgiving and more. Dessert should not be taken every day.

Be aware, though, that if your goal is weight loss, then you have to restrict sugar. I’m not saying to use artificial sweeteners as an alternative to sugar, because it also causes obesity.

3. Just Don’t Snack

Most snacks contain a good amount of flour and sugar. Quit the snack habit, replace that habit with one that is good for your health. The best choice may be coffee or green tea instead of snacks.

4. Make Breakfast Optional

Like snacks or desserts, breakfast foods contain processed carbohydrates that are not good for health at all.

Many breakfast items from the bakery contain high amounts of refined carbohydrates, sweeteners, and sugars. Greek yogurt and oatmeal contain fibers that are good for health. But avoid instant oatmeal because it contains added sugar and flavors. Try to eat whole and unprocessed food at all meals.

5. Beverages: No Added Sugar

Beverages are one of the main sources of the added sugars such as fruit juices, vitamin water, chocolate milk, energy drinks and sweetened coffee. Alcoholic drinks such as flavored wine and cider beers are packed with high amounts of sugar. We know alcohol itself is prepared by the fermentation of sugars and starches.

According to the scientific point of view plain water is the best drink. You can add orange and lemon slices for tasting.

6. Coffee: Healthier Than We Thought

Coffee can be a good choice as it contains antioxidants, magnesium, lignans, and chlorogenic acid. It is observed that coffee lowers diabetic risk as well. Studies have shown that it minimizes heart disease. But in order to get all the benefits of coffee, you must not add any sweetener or sugar to it.

7. Teatime, Anytime For Fast Weight Loss

Tea is one of the most famous drinks after water. But the most famous variety of tea is green tea. Green tea is naturally lower than that of coffee and black tea.

Green tea is full of antioxidants known as catechin; notably one called epigallocatechin-3-gallate. Catechin reduces glucose levels by inhibiting the carbohydrate-digestive enzyme.

Green tea is very famous for fat burning as it contains poly phenols that boost metabolism. It increases fat burning during exercise, increased resting energy.

STEP 2: Limit Refined Grain Consumption

Refined Grain stimulates insulin more than any other meal. If you really want to improve your weight loss progress then you have to quit or minimize your flour and refined grain intake.

Whole wheat and whole grains contain fiber and vitamins which makes them superior over white flour.

I know, it is not possible to stop eating bread, bagels, breads, dinner rolls, bread sticks, Melba toasts, crackers, tea biscuits, scones, tortillas, wraps, muffins, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, donuts, Pasta and noodles, but you can reduce them because they contain high amount of refined carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are only beneficial in their natural, whole, unprocessed form.

In many traditional diets we found beans that are rich in protein, fibers and healthy carbohydrates.

STEP 3: Moderate Your Protein Consumption

Protein is a very important ingredient of your diet and plays a vital role in the process of weight loss. Moderate amounts of protein should be maintained in your diet.

I am not encouraging you to take a high protein diet because protein is not helpful to take in isolation. Dairy or meat contains high protein but also contains fats.

Nowadays, there are many protein products available in the market such as protein powders which are highly processed.  But I suggest you buy those approved by the food regulation authorities.

Otherwise you must get protein from natural sources, and this will be more beneficial than that of artificial or processed protein. Do not replace your meal with these packed protein foods such as protein shakes or protein bars.

STEP 4: Get Natural Fats For Fast Weight Loss

When choosing fat, concentrate on natural fats. Natural fats include olive oil, butter, coconut oil, beef tallow, and leaf pork. Highly processed vegetable oils contain omega-6 fatty acids, and can also have some side effects.

The Mediterranean diet is high in oleic acid, widely considered healthy. Olive fruit is crushed and pressed mechanically to extract oil, this is also known as virgin and known to be the best type of olive oil. Other graded are produced by using different chemical methods, not referred well for health.

Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties because it contains a large number of polyphenols and oleocanthals. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease as it controls cholesterol and blood clotting.

Nuts are used significantly in the Mediterranean diet. The nut was neglected in the past because of their high-fat content, but later studies proved they have many significant health benefits. Nuts contain healthy fats, fibers and are low in carbohydrates.

Avocado is one of the healthiest foods, high in vitamins, high in potassium and low in carbohydrates. It is enriched in both soluble and insoluble fiber.

STEP 5: Improve Your Consumption Of Protective Factors

Fiber is very useful for reducing the carbohydrate insulin stimulation effect, and works as a protecting shield against obesity. It is proven from latest studies that dietary fiber is very effective in weight loss. After processing, food contains less dietary fibers.

Vinegar is used in many traditional foods because of its protective nature, it reduces insulin spikes. It is also used in many foods in order to reduce glycemic index.

Fast Weight Loss: Conclusions

Basic steps for weight loss are as follows:

1.            Reduce your consumption of added sugars.

2.            Reduce your consumption of refined grains.

3.            Moderate your protein intake.

4.            Increase your consumption of natural fats.

5.            Improve your consumption of fiber and vinegar.

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