Embrace Imperfections: Learn the Best Ways

embrace imperfectionsNothing in this world is perfect and nothing can be. People tend to make mistakes intentionally and intentionally. Everyone has made his own definition of Being Perfect and they try to judge others on their own perspectives. When you start running after perfection the chances increase that you are going to make blunders. In this article you will learn the best ways to embrace your imperfections.

It is said that “Run after excellence not perfection and Perfection will find you”. People set their goal to become perfect at once but it is not possible. One should always focus on making his day better than his yesterday and tomorrow better than today.

It is not easy to stand in front of people and see them laughing at you. These things break you from the inside and shatter your confidence, your personality. It is when you start running after perfection. People should always set their own standards and start believing in themselves.

Definition of Perfect Beauty?

What is the definition of perfect Beauty? She is a women with fair complexion, tall, smart, lean legs and silky hair. We forget that there is no perfection in beauty. Beauty comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. Being short doesn’t make you unfit, being dark doesn’t make you alien.

What we do as a nation, we start making efforts to become fair and change our features. We make a person with a dark complexion so insecure about his looks that he feels ashamed of being himself. He starts fearing facing people and being in a crowd. We start mocking people for their imperfections and make them conscious.

Embrace your imperfections

It is hard to get judged for your looks, for the way you walk, talk or you behave. It is said that “admire others beauty without questioning yours”. If someone is talking beautifully in front of you it does not mean that you are not good enough. You are the best in your own way.

Do not fear what others think of you, you are your own inspiration. You do not have to make yourself better than someone else. “Embrace your imperfections”

Don’t Be judgmental

We look down on people who have not scored low in their academic career. What if they are more intelligent than those who are toppers? And what if the toppers are only the crammers? What if low scorers become more successful in the future and not the topper ones?

Same goes for the people who think that people who cannot speak English fluently are dumb. In today’s world, in our country, people believe that those who are not very fluent in English are not acceptable.

We do not have any idea that those people may be more brilliant than those who are fluent English speakers. But we become judgmental whenever we find out any trivial flaw in someone’s personality.

Stop Questioning Yourself

This criticism leads us to become perfectionists. We start finding faults in what others and what we do. It becomes very hard for us to accept mistakes whether these are our or other’s mistakes.

We start avoiding challenging situations and become demotivated. And start thinking that we are good for nothing. We start questioning ourselves and start ruminating about what we could have done in the, what we should have done and or said in different situations.

Imperfections are not the worst

When we set high expectations that are nearly impossible to achieve, that is the point we stop appreciating our work. Imperfections are not the worst. These are the things that make you different from others. You are not imperfect, you are different, you are special, you have your own qualities.

Everyone is imperfect but perfect in their own way. We all have flaws, we all commit mistakes, we all fall, we all lose, we have fears but it is okay. Our imperfections make our life different, interesting and give us a variety of experiences. Never think you are not good enough because you are PERFECTLY IMPERFECT.

We hope now you’re able to embrace your imperfections.

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