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Different PerspectiveConflict is a part of the life of a human being. Conflicts occur in many situations like when your ideas do not match with another person, when choices of two persons differ from one another, due to personality differences and the way of a person to see or perceive things. Everyone has a different perspective or either sees things differently.

Different people have different views about things. The way of looking at things varies from person to person. It is a very important example in literature given to elaborate the difference between pessimist and optimist, that is, a glass of water that is half-filled. Some people see this glass as half full which means he is looking at it positively and is optimistic. Another type of person who sees this glass as half empty that is kind of negative thinking (pessimistic).

So this is how the way of looking at things differs from person to person. In other words everyone has a different perspective regarding different things.

Create New Opportunities

               Life is not always about seeing different things. There is a time in life when everything and every day seems the same. It’s like you are reliving the same day for weeks. That is what happened to most people during a pandemic. Staying home for safety sounded cool but, it was just like doing the same things every day.

So how can we cope with this? Here’s when views and ways of looking at things matter! So there are situations when you cannot see different things. You have to sit in your room and see the same wall for days or to sit in your office and face the same computer or table but that does not describe your life. Do not always wait for opportunities. Learn to take chances to have the full essence of life.

See Different Things Or See Things Differently

There is a huge difference between people who see different things and those who see things differently. We need to mark that difference. We are human beings and we have ups and downs in life. Life is not a bed of roses so, for a happy living you need to learn to walk gracefully on fire.

This is how you start seeing things differently. When you have problems these are not just problems, but lessons for a lifetime. The lessons you learn in your tough times are then ones you never forget and they teach you something that nothing can teach.

So seeing a future problem as a solution to many other problems you will face in future sounds way cool. How do you feel now? Much better! Yes, that is what we call life.


Things are not always the same they appear to us. Nothing is fixed, it just depends on your way of perceiving things. It is your decision to see them from a different perspective. When one starts observing things, complexities start getting resolved.

This gives you confidence in accepting facts and making changes in them. Practicing how you interpret situations, listen and chat will enable you to see things in a different way and help you settle disputes effectively.

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