Clearing Hurdles for Success – Some Useful Tips

clearing hurdles for successReal success does not come easily or without obstacles for anyone. It is the result of hard work, patience, determination, creativity, sacrifice and overcoming mistakes, but it does come. The only way you will fail is to give in, and you will be more inclined to do so when faced with opposition. In this short article you will find helpful tips on clearing hurdles for success.

I want you to be successful in every area of your life – your work, your relationships, your marriage, your upbringing, your finances, your health, your service, your creative expressions. But I know that lasting success takes effort, and as you work to achieve it, the enemy will be there to try to steal it, kill it, or destroy it. It is critical that you learn to go forward when success does not come as easy as you want it to be and when you face obstacles you are sure to meet them along the way.

Clearing Hurdles For Success: The Temptation To Quit

The temptation to quit smoking is part of being human, but giving in to it equals giving up. We are not avoiding the temptation to sit motionless and refuse to deal with it or hope that God will remove it.

Since we are not always aware of feelings of frustration on the part of the enemy. We do not always resist such temptations as they should. Some of the thoughts an enemy might plant in your mind to lure you into surrender might look like this:

  • This is very difficult. It will take a lot of hard work.
  • I really don’t qualify to do this.
  • I face many problems and I cannot solve them all.
  • My friends and family think I am crazy about this.
  • I do not have enough money to do this.
  • This will take a lot of sacrifice from you.
  • I will never be able to finish this.

I encourage you to begin to recognize the temptations to quit smoking as an enemy; and I want you to start resisting every temptation with everything within you. Do not flirt with temptation or consider any temptation unimportant.

Do not let Satan tempt you into negativity or wait until you are in a depressed and hopeless slump for three days, listening to the enemies’ list of reasons for leaving your cause. Resist the devil at the beginning! Declared war on strife. Show no mercy to the enemy.

Clearing Hurdles For Success: Personal Problems

When an enemy sees that we are intent on completing a mission from God, personal pain is one of his favorite and most effective tools for making us surrender. I have seen so many people who face personal crises and troubles as they walk through life. And I myself have experienced personal pain as I am heading towards goals or dreams.

To be determined and persistent people we must learn to achieve this in times of personal pain. People with personalities don’t simply say, “Well, I’m not going to do my job tonight because I have a problem! I’m in a personal crisis, so how do people expect me to serve them?”

It may sound silly to you, but there are people who allow their personal problems to control their lives and dictate which commitments they make and which will undo. If they have personal problems, they decide that they cannot work in the nursery school on their designated Sunday. They don’t want to do their jobs or fulfill their promise. They failed to do what they said they would do because they believed their individual crises should relieve them of their obligations.

We all face personal problems, and there are times in life when it is impossible for us to maintain commitment, but we must do our best to keep those times to a minimum. Our challenges may relate to our health, children, marriage, elderly parents, stress at work and time management, the list goes on.

We cannot allow these difficult circumstances to derail us as we move towards the fulfillment of God’s plan for our lives. People who reject deterrence are those who are determined to remain focused on their jobs, remain loyal to God, and commit to their families, determined to take on every obstacle in their path. They are the winners in life.

Clearing Hurdle: Rejections

When people reject you, you may not want to keep doing what you’re supposed to be doing; You may want to find a place to hide and care for your wounds, but don’t do that! Keep moving forward, no matter who turns you off or tries to stop you.

If you look back at your life path, you’ll likely find that every time God tries to take you to a new level, someone will usually reject you. Somehow, this person sent you the message “If I do this, I won’t be your friend.” Do you know why this happens so often? Perhaps more than anything else, Satan uses the pain of rejection from others to prevent us from pursuing God’s will.

The pain of being rejected by those we love is so powerful that it often prompts us to give up our resolve to do what God has called us to do. Rejection prompts us to convince ourselves that we cannot do anything to please anyone and makes us want to give up. We have to remember that we may not satisfy people all the time, but if we want to please God that is what really matters.

Many people will want to relate to you when you are “on the rise” in life – when you do something other people think is good or when you gain status, prestige or respect. But when you do something unpopular or out of the ordinary, you might lose some friends.

If you want to do something great for God, you may have to endure rejection and loneliness for a while. It’s worth it, and in the end, you’ll be glad you pressed him. Know that no matter how much rejection you face, God fully accepts you.

Clearing Hurdle: Wanting Everything in a Hurry

People have asked me over the years, what is the most difficult aspect or experience in serving you? I always reply, never give up when we are laying the groundwork.

Although we definitely had our share of situations that led us to want to give up, nothing was as challenging as maintaining focus and diligence during those early years, when much of the service was invisible and unknown. We definitely wanted fruitful service, but we knew we needed a strong foundation before we could build one. This means that everything must be done with excellence.

Whatever you think God wants to do in your life, be patient as He brings it. Passionately embrace teaching and preparation times, even if they seem painfully slow. Don’t be late, but be thankful every day because God brings you growth, expansion, and new opportunities on your way in his perfect timing.

Clearing Hurdles For Success: Inconvenience

We live in an “immediate” society. We want everything to be easy, comfortable and relaxing. When we’re faced with a little work we say, “Oh, woe to me. It’s so hard. I have to empty the dishwasher. I was around before there were dishwashers and all I have to say to those who complain about dishwashers is, be thankful that you didn’t have to wash the dishes by hand! And you didn’t have to dry it!

We have escalators and elevators so we don’t need to climb stairs. And we have pressure microwaves so we can cook our food in seconds so that we don’t miss our favorite TV shows.

We have instant potato chips so we don’t have to peel, boil and mash the potatoes. Also, we have car-accessible windows so we don’t have to get out of our cars for our prescriptions, dry-cleaners, or tacos. We have a push-button and a push-button, and right now.

The sad part about all of these amenities is that although we consider them to be “good,” they work against us in many ways. They make us look for the easy way out when taking the most difficult way might build something of value in us. You will never encounter an obstacle that God does not know.

When your journey becomes difficult, remember that although the world prefers the “easy way”. But God has not built you for comfort. He designed and prepared you for adversity, whether you knew it or not. He made you the best when you face difficult situations and experience joy and strength when you overcome them.

Clearing Hurdles For Success: Selfishness

Another obstacle to pursuing goals is the fact that we can be selfish, especially with our personal space and freedom. If we are to commit to never giving up, we will have to sacrifice our selfish desires at times. Perseverance and determination are hard on the “self”. After all, if I am committed to something, what happens when the time is right and I don’t feel the urge to do it?

We often think that freedom is the ability to do what we want, whenever we want to do it. But the truth is, if we can live this way, it will drive us to be more and more selfish and selfish.

If we are never determined to never give up, it is easy for Satan to tell us to do whatever we should by appealing to our selfish desires. Persistence requires us to control our feelings and do the right thing, regardless of how we feel about it.

God not only wants you to succeed, he created you to succeed and he doesn’t want you to be the least bit settled. Don’t allow failures or mistakes to make you give up; Let them teach you what to avoid next time. As you progress toward success, wait for the Lord and let him renew your strength. Success won’t come easily, but it will come if you persevere.

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