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best way to lose fat on thighsFat that accumulates in the thigh area is a very stubborn type of fat. But no matter how stubborn the fat is, you can burn it. And you don’t need any expensive weight loss programs, diet plans, weight loss pills or any other equipment. You don’t even have to sweat and strain at home. In this article I will provide you with the best way to lose fat on thighs.

You need to perform simple exercises for few minutes each morning to complete a set of targeted and effective actions. Experts now agree that in order to lose fat effectively, you need to do resistance training to build lean tissue. Lean muscle helps you improve your metabolism, no matter how slow. Working out for just a few minutes every morning will boost your metabolism and help create lean muscles and lose thigh fat.

Once you experience this simple few minute technique to restore your metabolism, I am sure you will never diet again.

Nature Of Thigh Fat

Before menopause, many women’s bodies stored most of the fat in their hips and thighs, producing things known as “pear shape” bodies. Your body can easily mobilize this extra fat during pregnancy and lactation, when the body needs more calories in a day. Women who can easily accumulate fat in their hips and thighs are able to give birth and feed their babies during the drought, thus passing on the genetic information stored in their thigh fat to future generations.

This is the main reason why thigh fat is so hard to get rid of.

What Is Cellulite?

In addition to the excess fat in their thighs, many women complain to me about a special type of fat called cellulite. They said that no matter how much they lose weight, they do not get smooth and sexy thighs. Indeed, some very thin women have cellulite. Almost 90% of teenage girls have cellulite issues.

Cellulite is created when fat escapes through the tiny holes of your connective tissues. Strong and healthy connective tissues prevent fat escape through. In fact, weak and healthy connective tissues set the stage for cellulite. Many factors weaken your connecting tissues as;

Why Exercise In The Morning is Important

Once you understand the power of exercising in the morning, you won’t go back to your afternoon or evening workouts. First, when you move in the morning, you will likely feel relaxed for the rest of the day. You feel stronger, more energetic, and less nervous. In a study from the University of Leeds in England, researchers found that women who exercised in the morning reported less stress and a greater sense of satisfaction for the rest of the day than those who did not exercise in the morning.

But that is not all. Exercising in the morning also helps you lose fat faster than doing it around other times of the day. When you wake up, your metabolism is slow because it has slowed down during sleep. But when you exercise, your metabolism increases. This also aids in building lean muscles when you exercise in the morning.

Eating The Nutritional Diet – Best Way To Lose Fat On Thighs

Starving or dieting is as dangerous as overeating. This will not only optimize muscle building, but it will also help speed up your metabolism and eliminate food cravings that can lead to overeating. Put food on a standard plate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Serve half your plate with vegetables (or fruit for breakfast) and half your plate with the same amount of carbohydrates, protein and teaspoon of fat. If you are feeling hungry, you can have another plate of vegetables.

When you eat the right balance of carbohydrates, fat and protein. This is particularly important for building lean muscle tissue. Your muscles are made up of protein, and they repair and rebuild themselves with the protein in the foods you eat.

Additionally, eating a little protein with each meal will help reduce hunger, as protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrates. The fat on your diet is also very important. Don’t skip fats from your eating plan.

To make your eating plan work for you, you must remember three simple rules:

1. Eat breakfast within 1 after getting up.

2. Eat every 3 hours.

3. Avoid eating 3 hours before bed.

Resistance Exercises

There are a number of resistance exercises that can help you get slimmed and sexy thighs. Let’s discuss the most effective ones;

Squats – The Best Way To Lose Fat On Thighs

Here’s what to do: Stand upright with your feet. Then begin to lower your body by bending your knees. Try to push the weight of your entire body on your feet. Raise your arms parallel to your knees to balance your body. Make sure your spine is straight. Count from zero to eight and then smoothly to the starting position. Do this six to eight times each day, depending on how long your body can last. Do not exercise too much in the first few days.

Leg Lift – The Best Way To Lose Fat On Thighs

If you don’t want to go to the gym because you don’t have the time or energy, here is an exercise that can serve your purpose. For this, while holding the knees and ankles together, you should lie on the ground and lift your feet about 45 degrees. Hold it until counting from one to eight and then slowly relax. As you continue to exercise, you should continue to increase the length. Eight sets like this are recommended, but you can start with six sets on your first day.

Lunges – The Best Way To Lose Fat On Thighs

First stand upright, then start bending your knees to keep them soft. Second, step forward and start leaning forward to keep all your weight on your front leg (maybe your right leg) while your left leg relaxes. Stay in this position until counting from one to eight and then switch legs. This makes your one set. You can start with three sets initially and then increase the number gradually.

Knee-Plank – The Best Way To Lose Fat On Thighs

For this, you must be on all fours, or in other words, your hands and knees should be flat on the ground. Now pull your left foot back so that your toe is towards the ceiling, and your right arm forward, parallel to the floor. This will affect your hip muscles and knee tendon. Repeat this five to six times. Repeat the steps with your left leg. Now bring your right knee to your shoulder. Repeat five to six times and do the same to the left.

Cycling – The Best Way To Lose Fat On Thighs

Cycling involves working with your legs, if you are sure to ride regularly, it will make your legs stronger and more stable, especially your legs as well as your hips and your back. In a study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, researchers took a total of about 18,000 women over a 16-year period, and showed that those women who rode bicycles, even at five minutes a day, put on less weight than those didn’t do it.


These exercises and a diet guide will help you build long smooth muscles. You will constantly reduce the size of your thighs by increasing your metabolism. So far I have provided you with the best way to lose fat on thighs by following a simple two step fat loss plan.

First step – Exercise in the morning for a few minutes – helps you build the muscle needed to burn fat.

The second step – eating nutritional foods – helps you further support lean muscle growth and avoid emotional eating.

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