Balanced Diet With A Proper Workout Helps Weight Loss

Balanced Diet With A Proper WorkoutIt is true that you cannot lose weight without starting a regular workout.  This is a very big fact of life and if a Diet Guru says something else he lies and this is bad news. But I will tell you the good news. Proper food makes your workouts stronger. It makes exercise easier and more importantly, makes exercise more efficient. A balanced diet makes exercise more effective by relying on body fat to make it the main source of fuel. A balanced diet with a proper workout plan helps with weight loss in an effective way.

When the body becomes accustomed to seeking energy from body fat rather than carbohydrates.  It becomes more careful in its use in exercise. For example, a woman who is not taking a proper diet can dissolve about two ounces of body fat with one hour of jogging.  But a woman taking a proper diet will dissolve more than 3 ounces of fat from such exercise.

During a month when all kinds of physical activity are taken into account, this difference will have a tremendous impact on fat dissolution. This rapid dissolution of fat occurs in good diet eaters for two basic reasons.  First, people who do not have a good diet have a higher amount of carbohydrates stored in their internal system. These stored carbs, called glycogen, are found in the liver and muscle.


The body uses glycogen for energy because it burns very easily.  They are pre-digested.  They are pure calories and waiting to be consumed. Athletes strive to increase the amount of glycogen during sports so that they can have an easier fuel source for quick burn during sports.

Athletes strive to increase glycogen levels during high-energy sports so that they can have an easier fuel source for a quick burn.  So they eat a lot of carbohydrates.  A process called carbo-loading. Unfortunately, in our current Carbs obsessed culture, millions of people carbo-load themselves daily, though they have never had to attend a marathon race nor participate in an athletic event.

People who are trying to reduce body fat want to burn as little glycogen as possible. The only realistic way to burn body fat is to have very low glycogen levels.

Balanced Diets

Balanced diets are unique in helping people reduce their glycogen levels and restrict prevent these unhealthy dietary carbohydrates. When people are not taking a balanced diet but eating a large amount of starch in a certain way, their bodies are accustomed to burning carbohydrates first and body fat later if needed.

This fuel preference setting changes when a large amount of starch calories is restricted. Those adopting a balanced diet strategy rely less on glycogen for fuel. Thus they rely less on dietary carbs, dietary protein, and dietary fat.

After two or more weeks with consistent use of a balanced diet, your body is able to focus on body fat as a fuel. Fat burning is very high in individual cells, as the chemicals that make the cells fuel mitochondria gain maximum efficiency.

Healthy Carbohydrates Are Your Priority

If your workout results are not as you want, you may find yourself getting tired of seeing people who regularly exercise at the gym and lose weight. In fact, their biggest priority is probably healthy carbohydrate metabolism. You can achieve the same results by neutralizing starch calories.

So in the early days, exercise was sometimes discouraging.  It seems that this is still something that has been happening for years.

You get tired but only lose one ounce of weight. In addition to using a balanced diet, which helps to reduce biological fat more effectively, this strategy facilitates exercise.  Because it gradually reduces excess weight.

And in the end, a balanced diet also makes it easier to get energy for exercise.  When people suffer from deficiencies in poor carbohydrate metabolism such as hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, syndrome x and glycemic volatility of diabetes, they usually lose the energy they need to exercise consistently. For a while, it has been thought that these people lack will power, but this assumption has been proven wrong.

However, you can see that a balanced diet with a proper workout can stimulate your weight loss program, and then when you start exercising regularly, the following results will come out;

1. Exercise Oxidizes Calories

It burns fat faster than any other organ process.  Here’s the easy-to-remember equation between exercise and fat burning.  One hour of exercise a day burns one pound of fat per week.  Exercising one hour daily for four months results in a reduction of 20 pounds in body fat.

2. Exercise Reduces Insulin Levels

It increases insulin sensitivity.  This refers to the positive response of the cells to insulin.  In addition, exercise reduces the need for excess production of insulin as exercise dissolves body fat and therefore reduces your fat. You will produce less insulin and when your internal system is low in insulin, your body will be more compelled to dissolve it instead of storing body fat.  That is why even though people are not losing weight, exercise reduces their risk of diabetes.

3. Exercise Increases Muscle Volume

This speeds up the calorie burn process.  Muscle tissue dissolves fat 10 to 20 percent more efficiently, including other body tissues. Because men have stronger muscles, they burn more calories than women.

4. Exercise Stimulates Fat-Burning Hormones

Although the hormone testosterone is a male hormone, it also occurs in small amounts in women. Testosterone increases muscle volume and increases energy as well as produces a sense of well-being in both men and women.

Exercise also increases the production of stimulating hormones such as Thairaksan and neipa ephedrine that increase metabolic speed.

Exercise Increases Dopamine

In addition, exercise also increases the production of energy-efficient neurotransmitters, including dopamine. All these chemicals are released in coordination with metabolic development, so they activate metabolism by five to fifteen percent for four hours.  When this activity lasts for months or years, the oxidation of calories becomes extensive.

These four effects of exercise are important to stimulate the fat-burning process.  However, exercise has many other benefits, many of which have direct or indirect effects on fat. Additionally, losing weight can be easier by adopting a balanced diet with a proper workout plan.

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