5 Ways that Can Help You Fit At Your Desk

5 Ways That Can Help You Fit At Your DeskHow many times have you said you were going to buckle down, work out, get into shape, and lose weight? If you’re like millions of Americans, you’ve said that at least a time or two. In many cases, people end up giving up before they reach their goal. In this article you will find 5 ways that can help you fit at your desk or office.

Why do so many people fail? In surveys, not having the time to hit the gym and work out is often the top reason.

For those who succeed, there are creative and effective exercises which can be done during a coffee break in an office. These are 5 ways that can help you fit at your desk and aid in losing weight, building muscle, and staying motivated.

1. Squats: Help You Fit At Your Desk

squatsSquats are a wonderful exercise for the office. They require very little space to accomplish, can be done wearing just about any office attire, and work a wide range of muscles typically underutilized throughout the working day.

Squats can be done at your desk, in a cubicle, in the parking lot by your car, out on a cigarette break, or while waiting for lunch to heat up in the microwave. Bringing hand weights from home can help intensify the routine.

2. Arm Circles: Help You Fit At Your Desk

arm-circlesOne of the most common problems people report while working in an office is tension and fatigue in the neck and shoulders. Much of this tension can be relieved through arm circles.

Extend your arms straight out and spin them. Alternate between wide circles and small circles to change the level of stretching and the areas worked. Move your arms forwards and backwards to ensure a full routine.

3. Exercise Ball: Help You Fit At Your Desk

exercise ballMany offices are now allowing workers to bring exercise balls from home. These large balls, often used for a wide range of exercises in gyms and homes, are often used to replace office chairs while working.

Sitting on an exercise ball requires many adjustments and small movements of the back, hips, thighs, and abdomen. core strength can be improved while sitting on the ball performing a normal work day.

During breaks from work, the ball can be used to aid in pushups, stretches, planks, and crunches. These exercises can be worked into any spare minute during the day, helping you reach the recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day.

4. Walking

walkingThe simplest of all exercises that we all do daily without much thinking about it. While working in an office building it may seem difficult to add steps and distance to your day. It is entirely possible to get 20 minutes of walking in throughout the day without breaking a sweat or even realizing you’ve walked that far.

Simple tips such as;

  • taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  • parking in the furthest spots from the building
  • walking to work
  • taking the long way to lunch and the bathroom,
  • even walking in place while on phone calls
  • reading emails

All these simple tips can help you reach 20,000 steps, the doctor recommended an amount for health benefits.

5. Lifting Weights

lifting weightsAround the office, there are many different ways one can lift weights without having to purchase expensive equipment or risk being stolen. Empty soda bottles filled with water or milk jugs filled with sand can double as simple weights to lift.

Any object with enough mass can be used. Curls, stretches, lifts, and holds can all help to improve strength and fitness while taking a conference call or reading the latest memos. A few minutes a day can really pay off towards your fitness goals.

Fitness goals don’t have to die just because you’re at the office.

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